Talented Rehan Tagale is India’s Youngest Fashion Influencer and Entrepreneur

Rehan Tagale is well-known name amongst the lifestyle influencers on Instagram. A crucial edge Rehan has over his competitors that he is professional in the true sense.

If you are not living in the cave, you would have surely listened to the term, Social Media Influencers and on the bandwagon of these influencer Rehan tagale is a revolution. Rehan tagale based in Yavatmal and from a very young age he was clear to exploit the positive side of social media to create his brand as well as increasing the reach of his instagram .

Being a social media buff, Rehan got it quite early and increased use of social media is a boon for him. He can capture the attention of customers, promote pertinent and significant content to clients. His evaluation proved right when he nailed this by effectively using it.

Today Rehan Tagale is the well-known name amongst the lifestyle influencers on Instagram. He has huge numbers of followers who went crazy after Kartikey’s posts about Fashion , luxury , and unique dressing styles. A crucial edge Rehan has over his competitors that he is professional in the true sense. He has a solid knowledge of all the platforms he is using and to create impactful and appealing content is his forte which enhances the awareness of his brand.

Rehan looks after the international operations of his business and for that travels the whole world to fulfill his business engagement and he takes full benefit of this privilege which he has earned by himself. When he shares the stories and posts about his outings, the followers get crazy and have named him “Lifestyle Guru” and one of the best and positive influencers to look up to.

Usually, social media influencers work for other brands, promotes their products, and create awareness, however, Rehan decided to follow his own rules and started promoting his own business. through his digital influence and he has been quite successful in his goals.

Times got in touch with Rehan to know what he feels, “Hard work with smartness is the key to success, whatever you do, do it with full honesty and give all the efforts and time it requires. To stay in the game even if you are not getting early success is the crucial point which suggests as sooner or later, perseverance always gives the results of which I am living today. What one needs is uniqueness in the field and an artist can never fail to show this talent in any vertical.”

By his sheer hard work, deep knowledge, and perseverance,Rehan tagale has achieved heights. He is living the dream life of many and in the way influencing countless young people to move ahead and dream big in life.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.