Talha Nasir Is a Shining Classic Example of a Multiple Business Owner

Year after year, we come to know about success stories that in some way or the other have been a true example of inspiration for the world to know. Ever wondered what makes the individuals behind this so unique and successful in their ventures? Well, Diligence, grit and commitment have been some of the essential reasons why people have gone ahead others in their quest to create their unique identity across the entrepreneurial world. Talha Nasir is one such young entrepreneur who has already achieved a prominent position in the industry owning multiple businesses.

Talha Nasir has shown each and every quality of being the notable business personality he is today and shone brightly in the business world with his endless efforts and passion for turning each and every venture of his into a success story to be remembered for years. He has made Dubai his home from the last six years and has been utilising and maximising every opportunity that is coming his way. Talha Nasir today is a high-performing entrepreneur who serves as the CEO, investor and philanthropist in Dubai.

He owns many businesses and also a charitable organization. Drive plus Rent-a-Car was originated for the youngsters’ passion for offering the best car rental experiences in the UAE. It is a one-stop-shop car rental agency that offers a fleet of comfortable and suave cars at economical rates. With Pipes Shisha Lounge and Café, he entered the food and beverages industry with the aim to give the best quality food and beverages options to his guests, in an ambience, they would love to spend their time with friends and family. D1 Energy is also owned and operated by this youngster, which is an energy drink manufacturing company, becoming a favourite amongst many across Dubai.

Talha Nasir at only 31 years and manages the position of the Chairman for Light4Life charity, an international humanitarian charitable organization that works for the people across the globe regardless of any gender, belief, race or religion. “There is no bigger high than being of help to others and impacting their lives for the better in ways more than one,” says the young business mogul.

As an investor as well, Talha Nasir has so far invested in many other companies in Dubai and is planning to go forward with his quest to expand his portfolio as a young multiple business owner. Want to reach him? Follow him on Instagram @kingtnas.

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