Tama Leia’s Projects Feature Falling in Love

Our conversation is taking place via Zoom across two time zones New York and Los Angeles and although its quite early her time 6 am it seems as if she has been up for hours as she mentions her morning activities. She drank her favorite blueberry protein drink and went for a run in the hills to take in the sunrise and gorgeous water views. She is surrounded by hundreds of acres of country land with grazing horses and fresh eggs from the chickens. It sounds like a summer home in the south of France but its closer to Laguna Beach than the French Country Side. 

Through the screen, I glimpse her gorgeous home with fresh flowers, lush silk wallpaper, and stunning oil paintings adorning her walls. Her style is impeccable. 

And although the sun is still coming up shes already touched base with her book editor, her new assistant, and her design team. 

Her eponymous clothing line, Tama Leia Luxe has been creating a buzz all over town with more creative support than she ever dreamed right from the get-go. 

Earlier this month she shot a beautiful beach campaign with actress, Hannah James (Outlander, Mercy Street, Super Girl) actress, Taylor Foster (Dear White People, Criminal Minds), and actor, James Hutson, (Babylon, Being The Ricardos). She worked with Photographer and Creative Director, Randi Roberts, Photographer Cassidy Oberleitner and makeup artist Cole Wells to create her vision for her brand. The team captured the beauty of falling in love with these brilliant actors playing a loving couple for the cameras.


Working with Hannah and James as the actors was so lovely. Randi, my creative director is brilliant at spotting talent. Together we created a beautiful shoot.”

Tama is very pleased that she can incorporate fashion into her other projects too. It works well that her brand is unisex so she can create the kind of stories she likes to tell. 

I love mens fashion just as much as womans fashion. I used to dress my ex-boyfriend a lot. I remember a particular trip he was taking to the South of France where we spent hours in his closet. He just stood there like a doll while I had him try on outfit after outfit. I labeled each of the items so he would know precisely what to wear for each day on his trip. By the end of it, we both collapsed in giggles at what a production I had made of helping him pack. We were both so worn out by the end of it! It felt like we had just finished a marathon, but he looked amazing on his trip and I was so proud of him.”

Funny enough as much as Tama loves fashion she never had any interest in being a stylist as a profession. She appreciates having her own stylist her photoshoots. I like it when people dress me too.”

However, she has always wanted to create her own designs and have her own label. I thought it was the kind of dream that was unobtainable for most people. Something that only really established people could ever have like Victoria Beckham or Stella McCartney.” 


Not only has she achieved her dream of having her own clothing label but in addition to that, she also has her own in-house Publicity company Floridian Blue PR and a highly anticipated novel coming out. La Femme de Troye will be released later in 2022. 

Her novel is said to have a distinct Orwellian aspect to it.

Perhaps Tama is someone who has read a lot of dystopian novels, but I find in talking to her that her taste expands to a broad range of styles. 

Currently, she is re-reading F. Scott Fitzgeralds short story, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Pablo Nerudas book, Love Poems.

She loves books and draws inspiration from so many sources. She even gives credit to her favorite philosophy books on the spirit and the mind as one of her many inspirations: 

“I love learning about the mind and what makes people do the things they do. I remember the first time I read a book called, Science of Survival,  by L. Ron Hubbard I was struck by the authors words of wisdom. In part of the book, he touches upon the importance, skills, and creativity of women. Its so observant and spot on the way he acknowledges women. Its a beautiful book.” 

Tama talks about pouring over the pages in this particular book and how much it helped her to be able to predict the behavior in others which helps tremendously in choosing the people she works with — “Theres a chart in the book that shows you how to understand and plot out the tones of people to help accurately predict their behavior.” Tama admits that she used to be pretty naive about some people in her life and their intentions toward her. Its a great book to read before you ever let a person into your heart, your life, or your world. It can save a lot of heartbreak, disappointment, and loss.”

Her passion turns to music as I ask her if anything else inspired her book….She suddenly delves into all the sounds that helped shape the characters. For her new book. She chose sounds of echos, symphonic choirs, and haunting melodies (TL’s Grammy Article). I get the idea of angels singing.  

Tama’s mindset, her instincts, her optimism, and her passion are quite thought-provoking and enlightening. Its lovely to see how much books have helped guide her to achieving her success in the arts and as a leader. To see her blossom as a woman in such a profound way is truly beautiful.

Portrait Photography: Brooke Squires

Campaign shoot Photographer & Creative Director: Randi Roberts

Additional Campaign shoot Photographer: Cassidy Oberleitner of Cassidy O Photos 

Makeup Artist: Cole Wells

Models: Hannah James, James Hutson, 

Taylor Foster

Wardrobe by, Tama Leia Luxe

Floridian Blue PR

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