Tanya Bourque’s Work Ignites the Life of Every Company: Recruiting

Companies that become successful do so because there is a creative and innovative team behind the scenes leading every step of the journey. People who stand by the company’s values and do the best work they are capable of by bringing good products or services to their customers. Most people do not know how vital the individuals behind that team are — those who select them and know precisely who to hire and why. The recruiters do the heavy-lifting to make sure the company is on track. Tanya Bourque — a recruiting expert — does the work to ignite every company’s life: recruiting.

Recruiting Expert

Tanya Bourque is an experienced recruiter who spent nearly a decade helping companies recruit over 2,000 employees. Throughout her career, she worked with employers from different industries (business consulting, technology, and engineering), which allowed her to expand her knowledge, create a solid network of experts, and build resources to help her clients succeed. She became the recruiting expert who knows precisely what employers are looking for and how to find the perfect fit for each company.

As she celebrated her first decade in the industry, Bourque decided it was time to start her own company to help other businesses build a fantastic team while helping job hunters find the perfect job. In 2016, OpExpert came to life.

OpExpert: The Women-Owned Business for Winners

Bourque put together a team that she knew would lead her clients to success. Eight empowered individuals joined the women-owned business for winners to, as the founder herself puts it, “cut through the noise of clunky, archaic, stressful, and expensive talent acquisition solutions and technologies, to get the job done.” Their dedicated expertise and execution help every company find the right employee for the role.

OpExpert works with other businesses to achieve company growth by providing advice, solid team members, and a system that works. Tanya Bourque saw the impact recruiting has on a business and understood, “recruiting is the life of the company, not just an expense.” Based on this belief, she leads a team that provides a consultative partnership to see the companies they work with succeed.

When asked about the motivation behind the work she does, Tanya Bourque said, “I see their [clients] vision and dreams for their companies. They are providing people with more than a job. It is a purpose.” This shows Bourque believes finding suitable candidates means finding someone who aligns with the company’s values and mission, someone whose goals will resonate with those of their employers.

HR Keeps Companies Together

When a company’s HR department is mentioned, most people believe it is only about recruiting the perfect candidate for the job and guaranteeing everyone is treated with respect. However, there is more to it than that, and Tanya Bourque knows it. She believes, “with everything going on in the world, HR helps companies stay focused and helps keep the company together.” That is why OpExpert offers HR services to consult with experts who will guarantee your HR department is ready to face any issues that may arise through the recruiting process and the development of your company.

For over a decade now, Tanya Bourque has been using her knowledge and her experience to recruit the right fit for different companies. As she realized her expertise could help a more significant number of businesses and employees, she founded OpExpert with a team of motivated individuals who shared her same beliefs. Nowadays, they help companies in several industries grow their business and hire the perfect employees.

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