Tanya Lopez

Tanya Lopez: How She Launched Her Travel and Events Consulting Company Amid the Pandemic

Tanya Lopez specializes in producing jaw-dropping experiences for clients all over the world as an event strategist and certified coach. From organizing private events in underground caves in Mexico to booking pirate ships for a medieval-themed party in a Croatian castle featured on the series Game of Thrones, Lopez is well known for creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Although she has achieved many accomplishments during her career, and her most impressive feat yet may be using the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic to do the seemingly impossible: expand her event planning career. 

How to Turn A Potential Crisis into Life-Changing Business Opportunity

Tanya Lopez

As a live events producer with almost a decade of experience, Lopez is very passionate about creating unforgettable transformational experiences that reconnect people with their true essence. She was in the middle of planning an event where guests would sail down the Nile River in Egypt while immersing themselves in spiritual practices when the COVID-19 virus spread across the globe and disrupted the event planning, travel, and hospitality industry.

Her clients gradually decided to postpone their events due to the circumstances and stringent travel restrictions, which left Lopez in a potential crisis. However, she quickly realized the best way to overcome this challenge was to seize the opportunity and look for innovative ways to continue her life’s work of bringing beauty, connection, and expansion into the world through shared experiences. 

Lopez carefully evaluated her business model and ultimately decided that she could best serve others during this time by providing programs and one-on-one coaching services to other entrepreneurs, coaches, and lightworkers who are interested in organizing their own professional events within the personal growth space but don’t know where to start.

Her strategic event planning consultation services cover three key components: financial profitability, targeted marketing, and creating a WOW attendee experience. With her guidance, clients have a better understanding of how to stand out amongst the competition, make their events highly profitable, and receive strategic advice on ways to coordinate a truly unique, one-of-a-kind experience. 

Although some clients have postponed their live events until 2022 due to the ongoing global climate, Lopez uses this valuable time with them to perfect their business models and do strategic planning. By expanding her event planning business to include personalized coaching services, Lopez is able to work with clients on a more intimate level while she mentors them on how to create their own profitable transformational events. Nothing makes her happier than partnering with other small business owners making a positive impact in the world and helping them design a life and business they love. 

Reconnecting with Her Heart and Highest Excitement 

Early in her career, Lopez climbed the corporate ladder as a marketing and communications executive. As she gained professional experience working for large, multinational corporations like Nike and NBCUniversal, she lived in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Eventually, she became disillusioned with the rat race and yearned to live life on her own terms.

Lopez left her corporate job, took off to travel to Africa and Asia for 6 months, and then started her publicity and social media consulting agency called Bloom Communications in Miami. She loved the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, especially since she wanted more personal freedom and a flexible schedule. Her business was a success but she still couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that she was not truly following her heart and living her best life. 

She eventually took the time to genuinely examine her life and realized that although she was “successful” by society’s standards – she lived in a fancy home on the water, drove an expensive car, and worked with celebrity clientele – she was lacking a deep sense of fulfillment.

In fact, Lopez was horrified to discover that she had once again trapped herself in a rat race, only this time she had done it to herself in the name of “entrepreneurship.” The experience taught Lopez how important it is for entrepreneurs to intentionally design their lives and business in a way that aligns with their values, excitement, and desired lifestyle. 

Eager for another fresh start, Lopez got a big break in 2012 when she saw an ad for the “World’s Most Awesome Job” at Mindvalley. The competition attracted applicants from all over the world vying for the position of Global Events Director at the leading personal growth and development company, which offers a wide range of programs and events on topics like relationships, health, mindset, and overall well-being. 

Lopez moved to Mindvalley’s headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after winning the competition and spent the next six years harnessing her creativity and building large-scale, unique events from the ground up at exotic locations like the islands of Ibiza, Jamaica, Bali, and Mykonos. Her main responsibility was designing and creating unforgettable moments at the company’s signature event A-Fest.

Working at Mindvalley allowed her to travel the world, build a Global Tribe, find her passion in organizing transformational experiences and dive deep into her personal growth journey. By the time Lopez left the company, she’d discovered her life’s purpose: to bring beauty, connection, and expansion into the world through transformational experiences. 

Deciding to strike out again, Lopez launched her event consulting firm and became a certified life coach. This time around, she set her heart on creating a business where work felt like play, following her highest excitement and intentionally building a business around her life instead of building her life around her business. 

Lopez feels confident that the live events industry will be in high demand after the pandemic and already sees an uptick in intentional gatherings. Especially since many people are yearning to spend time with loved ones, meet new people and develop deep, meaningful connections that simply can’t be replicated with technology. She’s more excited than ever about her work in the transformational space to help others reconnect with themselves and build a life and business of purpose. 

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