$tar Coin: Bud Rebel Launches Cryptocurrency that Gives Access to Luxuries Enjoyed by the Rich

Meeting with Bruce “Bud Rebel” Weinfeld to discuss his new digital currency $tar Coin is an experience like no other. He is a born entrepreneur, and his office is full of $tar Coin’s white papers, projections, and contracts, all immaculately organized. “This is the most fun I have had in a long time,” he confides, clearly revved up about $tar Coin’s ongoing sale, which expires on September 16. “I feel like I’m standing in front of a door that has been locked for decades, and in less than a month, I’m going to insert a key that will open it and reveal a world unlike any other.”

Bud admits that sounds a bit dramatic, but he’s telling the truth. As a co-founder of $tar Coin with film producer Jack Settipane, he is the creator of tokens that will allow their holders to access OIL (Once In A Lifetime) fun. “It’s going to be a blast for everyone,” Bud says, settling back in his chair for our interview.

Think back on all the times you’ve wondered how much fun it would be ‘there’! I know I have! The parties, the glamour, the restaurants, the fabulous vacations. Now picture yourself actually experiencing it and loving every minute of it. That’s $tar Coin. Being a holder of its tokens means that door is no longer closed.

Coming on-board $tar Coin was a no-brainer for Bud. “I have entrepreneurialism in my blood,” he says. “Back in high school, I owned my own flea market stand and sold Ferrari-type sunglasses throughout my school, so I love to build and scale companies. Working with Jack to create $tar Coin’s unique product was something I couldn’t pass up.” 

Part of the fun was reaching out to celebrities and bringing them into the $tar Coin family as Brand Ambassadors. “We’ve gotten the support of some big names in entertainment, including MoonTellThat, Tavo Betancourt, Mark Thomas, Nick Merico, and Nashla Aguilar. Can you imagine meeting them? What would you like to ask them or talk about with them? You can get your chance by being a $tar Coin token holder.”

The best part, Bud continues, was designing $tar Coin’s five reward tiers. “We had a good time with that,” he remembers. “We sat down one night at Jack’s kitchen table and started hammering out exactly what the rewards would be. We wanted everyone regardless of how many tokens they held to be able to enjoy access to OIL (Once In A Lifetime).

We came up with some incredible perks. How does a week’s getaway in a luxurious condo in New York City or LA sound? Access to $tar Coin-hosted parties and events? The ability to meet and network with a $tar Coin Brand Ambassador of your choice? That’s just the start of what token holders enjoy, depending on whether they purchase 1, 10, 50, 100, 500, or 1,000 tokens.”

That brings me to my next question: when can the public get in on the action and start purchasing $tar Coin’s tokens?

“We’re having a big sale right now! It expires on September 16,” Bud replies, glancing at his calendar, where the date is circled in red. “Until then, you’ll be able to purchase a token for $90, a 10% discount. Once that sale ends, the token goes back to its regular price, $100.”

He adds, “Remember, too, that 2,205,000 (more than ⅓) tokens will be locked for at least 1 year to enforce sustainability and longevity of the coin’s success. That means that the tokens that will be available for purchase will have a higher value.”

$tar Coin is committed to shepherding the token along to continue its rise in value. As Bud states, “We intend to gradually release more coin to the market as is needed and not in a way that would damage the token’s value or price.”

Bud’s path to co-founding $tar Coin began when he was about 11. “Before I had a flea market, I was trying to invent a band-aid that had ointment on it,” he says, smiling at the memory. “It would have worked, too, if I had had the capital to pursue it. Oh well, right? After selling those sunglasses in high school, I got a degree from Bryant University in entrepreneurial management, and from there, I finally started my own company, a sales representative business called Buddy Building Products by B.W.”

He went on to join J. Alperin Co. Inc., the family business, where he eventually became its vice president. “This was crucial for my ability to help run $tar Coin,” Bud believes. “I wore so many different hats then: purchasing agent, marketing manager, personnel management, and even computer programmer. Seeing so many different sides of a business gave me the ability to help start $tar Coin.” 

Bud got a taste of entertainment, and his nickname, after taking a two-day course by Dov Simmons about how to make a film. “That really got my interest,” he shares. “I learned about it all – everything about movie making from start to finish.

Fascinating stuff! I loved it so much that only a few years later, I produced All Screwed Up with star Chyna Layne. It was released in theaters, won an award, and appeared on  Amazon Prime, RedBox, and other distribution avenues. All of this showed me how the entertainment industry works, so by combining my business background with it, I am positioned to help $tar Coin grow and be successful.”

What does $tar Coin’s success look like to Bud? “I think it’s going to be accomplished when people leave our events with smiles on their faces,” he responds. “Ultimately, that’s what we’re about: giving people access to a type of fun experienced by very few people, right?

When they go home after enjoying their rewards for being a $tar Coin token holder, they should have memories that make them smile and that they will talk about for months and years to come. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Just remember to buy your token before September 16. You’ll get $tar Coin for a great price and be part of that fun, too.”

For more information about $tar Coin, please see:

Website: https://www.starcoinofficial.com/

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB): https://www.facebook.com/people/tar-Coin/100070040341630/

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR): https://twitter.com/starcoinofficia?lang=en

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/starcoin_official/


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