Taran Malhotra: A Makeup Artist from London Who Makes Moments Precious With Her Skills

Nowadays, makeup is done to bring out your best feature and to bring out the real you are. This makes you unique and helps you to stand out. Makeup is not an act of vanity. It is now a signature of your passions and the most preferred way to present to the world the best version of yourself. Makeup artist roll in our time is enormous, and everyone knows this fact.

Taran Malhotra was born in New Delhi, India and came to London for further studies. She is passionate about the beauty industry since her childhood days.

Malhotra started her journey from working with models. She also got the prestigious certification from the world renowned makeup pioneer Swati Verma and hairstyling certification from Ritika Kadam. Later in 2019, for further training, she also joined The London College of Makeup.

According Malhotra, clients now understand the importance of makeup. Today, everyone demands personalized look from the makeup artist. But are all best makeup artists up to the challenge? Can brides, girls, models, entrepreneurs, and women trust makeup artists to shine their beauty instead of giving them ordinary looks that perhaps don’t even suit them? This know-how is what distinguishes London top-notch makeup expert Malhotra from her peers.

Besides being a highly coveted professional makeup artist, Malhotra is a fan favourite as a bridal makeup artist, and she is also a celebrity makeup artist for a long time now.

Malhotra’s experience and sound knowledge of composition and how to use it to enhance her client; all features are what makes her special than others in the fashion world. She is so passionate about makeup since her teenage days that she plans and innovates new looks to customize them for each of her clients according to their demands.

No matter what the occasion is, Malhotra will come up with the perfect look for brides, celebrities, and all. She has been working for a long time now as the best makeup artist and has worked on many projects in the past.

But it is also a fact that Malhotra’s clients have trusted her knowledge and gained numerous accolades is the most significant endorsement of her skills. This is what converts her one-time-clients into regulars, indicating their satisfaction for Malhotra’s work.

Though Malhotra believes in giving her clients the best quality of service and treat them all like the princesses they are, her services are surprisingly very affordable.

Malhotra is known for Air Brush Bridal Make-up, Pre Bridal Make-up, HD Make-up, Party Makeup, Hair Styling, Saree Draping, and more. She is a Celebrity Makeup Artist who travels worldwide for her national and international clients.

Malhotra is especially popular with brides because she realizes that makeup is an essential component that can make or break a wedding day look and works hard to create truly stunning looks from brides.

She is also aware that celebrities, models, and entrepreneurs’ looks are essential. After all, first impression with beauty can assist you to win several things.

For more information, you can follow her on Instagram @taranmalhotramua

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