Tarla Makaeff Empowers Women to Write Fierce Yet Feminine Copy that Converts

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When Tarla Makaeff’s mother passed away in 2014, she felt utterly heartbroken, alone, and confused. Having lost her father also at 1, Makaeff had no other family and her life became extremely dark as she lacked the support system she had relied on.

So she leaned on restorative actions to soothe her pain and begin to transform her life: Pilates, yoga, and fashion and beauty-related hobbies. It was in this realm that she stumbled upon a beauty opportunity which sparked her interest in online business.

“Everything changes after you lose your parents; life is short,” Makaeff told us. “Looking back, my career, while extremely lucrative, had been about trading time for money. I often worked so much, I felt like a machine. I wanted to do something that really mattered and could change the world. I didn’t feel like I was achieving impact and change with copywriting alone.”

Makaeff is known as The ‘Copy Queen’, with over a decade of copywriting and email marketing experience. Now she wants to bring her experience as a 7-figure copywriter with millions of dollars in revenue to others, to teach them how to succeed the way she did. She is launching her online courses, Social Star and Direct Response Launch, specializing in online business and copywriting along with a high level, self-love coaching offering to call in a powerful business mindset.

In addition to her main course offerings, her expertise and coaching includes direct mail, email marketing, funnels, social media, and digital product creation skills.

“I want to empower women like me who have felt lost or like they don’t have a home,” Makaeff said. “We can create homes within ourselves, we can be heart-centered and feminine but also driven and successful business women all at the same time. We can live fully expressed lives by tapping into our unique essences and owning our truth.”

Makaeff is here to support the 30-somethings of the world who want to take control of their own professional destinies through a purpose-filled business that they are passionate about.

Her Courses Will Teach Clients:

  • How to write copy that connects and converts:

“Copywriting is the foundation of every business and all marketing online,” Makaeff said. “Without it, you can’t convert your target audience into customers. People buy what they want, not what they need. I want to teach other women how to tap into that fact.”

  • How to start a business if you are totally new to the entrepreneurial space or spruce up your skills if you are an intermediate or advanced level business owner.

“Most people don’t realize this, but you don’t start with social media — you end with it,” she explained. “There are processes that work or processes that will get you close — I teach the former. I can get you there.”

  • Self-love, forgiveness, and emotional healing, because Makaeff believes that you can’t run a business without the right mindset. And for that you need to emotionally heal.

“No matter who you are on social media, you have a platform. It is your responsibility to help people beyond business. Being open about my depression and anxiety struggles, even if it saves just one life, is worth being transparent to me,” she continued.

  • How to create your own online courses with realistic expectations for your success:

“Online business is challenging and will require perseverance. There are no guarantees. Not everyone is going to have a substantial following or become huge overnight, but you can still make a significant impact and have a thriving business” she said. “I firmly believe with massive, consistent action, if you don’t give up, you will eventually find your way.”

What Else You Need to Know About this Adversity-Overcoming Superstar

While battling grief and depression due to the loss of her mother, Makaeff still made strides forward. She created her first course as the COVID-19 pandemic began to share her knowledge with other women. It took eight months to complete. Now that she has produced her signature course, she is creating more content like wildfire.

“I have bundles of content coming!” she told us. “And I am so excited to share what I know with the world so women can lift each other up, go after their wildest dreams, and become forces in this world! I’ve never worked so hard in my life — I am so proud of what I have accomplished.”

About Tarla Makaeff

Tarla Makaeff, The Copy Queen and Founder of the Iconic Copy Course is bringing her vast experience as a 7-figure copywriter to help others learn how to craft their messaging for ultimate growth. Leveraging her decade plus of agency and freelance copywriting experience, Makaeff is helping hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their brands with copy that converts. To learn more, visit www.tarlamakaeff.com

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