How to Succeed in a Crowded Entrepreneurial Marketplace

In this era of Millennial marketing, social marketing, and influencer outreach, there are simply thousands of strategies your business can use to get where you need to go. Fortunately, we don’t have to think up these strategies on our own, but can look over the shoulders of businesses who have succeeded in paving the way for the rest of us.

Josh King Madrid, better known as Jet, is a successful millennial serial entrepreneur, investor, marketing specialist, coach and is the Founder of Team Jet Set, a company created to educate and provide lasting value centered around inspiration and motivation. Team Jet Set understands the true meaning of a brand movement and how it centers around both the consumer and business owner. While not everyone is comfortable telling their entrepreneurial story, Team Jet Set strongly believes you have an obligation to inspire, teach, motivate and educate. 

Looking closer, I began to realize this company is a pioneer in their own right because they’ve also paved the way for four branding movements we can all emulate. Here are the strategies you could take to your personal business and start seeing results fairly quickly.

1. Create a Vision of a Better Tomorrow That Resonates with Your Community

Team Jet Set believes in creating a community which is engaging and actionable. One of the first steps in building a great brand movement is to structure your brand’s promise. Your promise should reflect the hopes, values, and dreams of your brand community.

In doing this, you learn your community’s goals, what they need your help with, and what their challenges are. If your community can start to envision how they are going to get from point A to point B, and how you’ll be there every step of the way when they need you, it creates more passion and engagement with your brand. If you can share a vision that your community wants to strive for and can give them the tools to do so, tomorrow is always a better day.

2. Create a Platform Where Your Community Can Share Your Passion

Every entrepreneur is trying to learn how to create a positive experience around their brand. Movement notwithstanding, it’s something everyone should be leaning towards as a long term goal. Team Jet Set understands this as they are the parent company of many other facets of business which can feature other aspects for Millennials to work towards. Branching out and being resourceful like this allows their business to become more engaged with their community which in turn means more reaction and response from the people who follow them.

Team Jet Set’s particular passion engagement is to motivate, encourage, and inspire their following to change the course of their lives by offering skill sharpening tips, free content, and the ability to connect top entrepreneurs with their community in order for them to get a better entrepreneurship experience on their website.

3. Walk The Talk

It’s important to establish yourself as an expert in your particular industry. People from all over your niche are watching your brand. Will it succeed? Will it fail?

This is why it’s so important to take action. You’ve heard the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” It’s more true for entrepreneurs now than  it ever has been. Your brand movement lives and dies by what you say, and more importantly, do.

The mission of your brand movement has to be present along every point in your entrepreneurial journey so you understand which directions you need to be traveling in. With a lot of different responsibilities and tasks which are set afoot for your business, one can get lost in the weeds doing meaningless jobs and forget people are watching. This matters not only for the people on the outside looking in, but also for the inner workings of your brand. What you do for your business, followers, and shareholders expresses your mission in everything. You must take real and innovative steps to execute the promise your brand makes to your community.

Team Jet Set leads by example. They encourage their followers to watch what they do,  then execute. Compare this to other internet “gurus” who tell people to do certain things without actually having experience themselves.  

5. Build Your Big Idea

One of the things Team Jet Set is successful in doing is understanding how the big idea can incorporate more consistency and successfully within a brand movement. Every company or solopreneur has ideas every day. Through trial and error, bad ideas get weeded out. Failure happens almost daily, it seems. They are all looking for the ‘Big Idea’ which will take them to the next level in their business. Team Jet Set mastered not just looking for big ideas, but executing them.

An important factor to remember in searching for your next big idea is the insights you have on a particular product/service, etc. Your insights can fuel your creative process, which is why most serial entrepreneurs consume important content which will get the creative juices flowing for them.

Your next big idea will come from one of these facets of information flow. Read books, listen to influential and informative podcasts, search blogs, collaborate with colleagues, and test, test, test. Many people want to become apart of something bigger than themselves, but do not know where to start.

Team Jet Set built a brand off of innovation and collaboration because they mastered the fact that the more other people are involved, the more minds in one room, the bigger the impact that can be created within their brand. You always need to listen to your creative insight because your movement can be made prevalent through your next big idea. 

There are many ways to start a brand movement, but there’s only one way to see it succeed, and that’s through adaptability, patience and consistency. Team Jet Set is the perfect example of a big business enterprise who has created a brand movement the right way.

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