Tech Conglomerate Vix Media Group Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Modern Marketing Campaigns

2020 was world-changing, but it wasn’t the most positive kind of change for many. 

To be fair, the year started out pretty badly with a lot of unfortunate news, but nobody really thought matters would take a turn for the worse. A lot of businesses struggled all through the COVID-19 pandemic, eventually some just went out of business. 

However, there were a couple of businesses that managed to thrive—one of which is tech conglomerate Vix Media Group

The Future of Media Agencies

The Vix Media Group is a strategic media and communications firm that helps businesses build relevant relationships with leading experts in their respective fields. 

It was founded by partners David Casey and Anthony Dutcher, both recognized experts in the digital marketing field. These partners have their own set of exceptional track records that they put to good use in Vix. 

This tech conglomerate is very future-oriented, something quite obvious given the number of companies currently under their umbrella. As stated on their website, they want to be able to help their clients’ brands become future-proof. 

Ever-changing trends don’t faze them. Instead, they just ride out the waves of change and make the right decisions with their clients’ best interests at heart. 

What this Conglomerate Achieved in 2020

This year, the world got pushed into a situation where traditional methods were slowly dying out. A huge chunk of the population only stayed home which forced several companies to dive right into modern digital methods. 

However, this wasn’t really a challenge for Vix Media Group. This tech conglomerate has achieved a number of feats that makes them deserving of praise and worthy to be called an inspiration. 

It showed that even though economies were nearly dying, you can still thrive and launch 8 additional businesses with no signs of slowing down. Yes, you read that right; this conglomerate launched 8 more businesses under its umbrella. Some of those companies include the likes of Nue Glow, a forward-thinking fashion and beauty blog, as well as Dossier Labs, who has quickly been able to analyze a large set of data across the media group’s digital assets.

On top of launching 8 successful businesses, they managed to scale their audiences by 1000% and grew their revenue by 400%. Surely, by now, you’d think it must be some sort of magic or vanity—but no, it’s just purely a product of their teams’ skills and talent. 

The experts working for this odds-defying company also made it possible for a lot of businesses to succeed, even the ones who looked like they wouldn’t survive just a week of lockdowns. 

Marketing strategies and campaigns of their clients were adapted to the changing trends and inventories were digitized—something their clients didn’t really expect to happen. As digital rates were at lower rates, it was a leverage one just couldn’t pass on. 

To them, this year was not a dead-end, it was just merely a bump on the road. 

Where Modern and Traditional Campaigns Meet

Their formula is quite simply, really. They use relationships, talent, and purpose meaningfully. Every project they take on, they make sure that the right relationships are established with the right people who can add value to the projects and to their clients. 

This corporation firmly believes that collaboration allows them to achieve amazing things and pave the way for a new kind of advertising and marketing. Here, people are innovative and imaginative, making sure that they surpass the expectations they set for themselves. 

They don’t limit their reach to a specific sector and they make sure that they find the sweet spot between the combination of private and public sectors. Given their experience, they also know better than to just enforce strategies that have been deemed successful. 

Instead, deep-rooted knowledge is leveraged to find the most optimal channels and engagements, regardless of it being modern or traditional. To them, it’s also about giving clients what they deserve and more.

The values they put forward are socio-cultural, experimental, market-technical, and economical—a combination that, surprisingly, not many companies come up with. They find problems and ensure these get solved—probably beyond expectations. And it works. It absolutely works. You can see it with the success they have made in this year alone. 

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