Tech Entrepreneur Pratik Aspires to Inspire Other Young Entreprenurs

Pratik KC, who is just 26 years old, is the CEO and Founder of PhyberTech, LLC. His company is a tech firm that specializes in web design + development. Since the young age of 15, he has started and ran multiple businesses in the tech realm such as cyber security, website hosting, website development and more.

Once he discovered that he had a passion for tech, he began learning everything and anything he could on his own. “I enjoyed learning and always will” says Pratik. He said he would sometimes spend 12-16 hours straight just sitting in front of the computer learning whatever he could.

Even in school sometimes he said he would use his Ipod Touch to remotely connect to his computer at home just so he could continue whatever he was working on. He became absolutely obessessed with tech and that was only the start.

At around the age of 17 after he started his cyber security business, he began finding and reporting vulnerabilites of major companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Ebay. After Pratik reported the vulnerabilities he found, each company decided to acknowledge Pratik on their respective Security Research Acknowledgement pages which you can view publicly.

He was very interested in the cyber security field and was planning on pursuing a career in IT security however towards the end of his high school years, he started leaning towards the idea of working for himself. After completing high school, he decided he would give college a shot at the very least and went on to chose Management Information Systems(MIS) as a major.

Quickly however, he found that he spent more time working on his own endeavours than actual school work and within just a year, he made the decision to drop out.

Dropping out was one of the hardest decisions he has ever made he says but to this day, he does not regret it whatsoever. He was able to dedicate himself fulltime to his passions and eventually started what would become PhyberTech, LLC. Pratik’s vision for PhyberTech was to create a conglomerate of all the other tech ventures he had started.

It includes his subsidiary companies, Phyber Security, Phyber Hosting and Phyberlytics.
Aside from running these businesses, Pratik has much bigger plans in the future. One of his dreams is to create or contribute something that makes a lasting impact in the tech industry for the better.

He belives that the true beauty of technology is the ability to connect and help others. He hopes that someday he can inspire other young entrepreneurs to chase their passions as he did.

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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