Tech Savvy Entrepreneur Suraj Beera Boosts Wellness Through His New Startup “Your Diet Manager”

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Entrepreneurship is defined by the quality and persistence with which we implement business methods. So, what prompted Suraj Beera to want to start his own business? What are his two new firms that are making waves in India’s tech and market sectors?

“Your Diet Manager” is the first.

This is essentially an incredible online startup with a top-notch website framework with top-rated dieticians, a blog and recipes, diet consultations, online diet plans, and an organic store, as well as a free consultation service through searching the customer’s problem in the data offered, which is largely mistake-free.

Suraj says “ We are not taking care of our food intake owing to appropriate lack of advice of dieticians in our contemporary world where we have very limited time and a lot of health problems have been found for various age groups and right intake of food is extremely important.

We’ve only seen dieticians and fitness trainers for celebrities and the wealthy, so we decided to create a good website that provides diet solutions, help, and guidance to all age groups free of charge online based on their health problems, age, condition, or the exercises they’re doing, as well as an online diet store that allows everyone to get fresh organic food directly in a prepared way as a program.

It is quite important and beneficial for many individuals of this generation, as health and diet are critical factors, and we cannot immediately see a physician or obtain the suggested food.

It is primarily designed for all age groups and genders, as well as for women’s health, senior people, athletes, diabetic patients, and various keto diet programs as prescribed by the dietician consultation. It also includes all social media handles and a live chat stream for customers’ convenience.

It is user-friendly and appropriate for people of all ages, and it is one of the most often requested pages right now. It saves a lot of money and time, and it aids in the development of a better lifestyle.”

He has been cooperating with various paid collaborations with top-notch companies such as Audi, BMW, and Pepsi on Instagram at his page @surajbeera as a notable Digital artist and Travel Filmmaker, which has helped him to expand his skill sets and drastically raise his profession.

He aided such businesses by creating viral advertisements. One of his major accomplishments was serving as a representative for the Harvard Asian Conference 2021. He has a huge social media following on Instagram of about 100,000 followers

Suraj Beera’s Instagram:

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