Technological Guru Nick Collins is Changing the Game with Sartoris Digital

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The founder of Sartoris Digital, Nick Collins, launched his first web design business in the seventh grade, which was the culmination of his love for creating strategic brand and strategy content. The budding technology wizard was also one of the first to attack and conquer the ins and outs of the early adoption of Flash technology.

“When I started my business, I used the only phone number available to me as a 14-year-old. People were calling our home phone and asking for me, while my parents didn’t know what they were talking about,” said Collins. “I was actually using Flash before it was even called ‘Flash’. My uncle met someone at a computer convention that was handing out discs with a beta of their new digital animation software named, ‘FutureSplash Animator’, at the time.”

When Flash began its transition to irrelevant, Collins then started building for the future, linking vital communication between computer engineering and design, before it was necessary.

“I made an LLC and took a more technology-agnostic approach,” he stated. “I knew my end goal and the technology, so it was time to finally put into practice decades of hard work.”

Collins has been embracing the Internet, including coding, since its beginnings. He is widely considered as one of the first ‘design-geneers’, having developed a stout background in computer engineering and visual anesthetic design as well. The multi-talented entrepreneur has worked in telecommunications, finance, pharmaceuticals, aviation transportation, and sporting goods, which have all molded into helping him grow his digital marketing firm.

Maintaining the notion that anyone can thrive in specific niches, Collins centers on digital marketing and web design best practices, combining them with search engine optimization (SEO), including app development, to allow Sartoris Digital to provide businesses with everything they may need to help them connect to the ever-growing technology landscape.

“There is space for everyone in digital marketing and web design and that is the beauty of it,” he stated. “Anyone can have their niche, and I want to help guide people from an analog world, taking them into a digital space, where they haven’t been before — a true transformation.”

Humble (and Tech-Advanced) Beginnings

While Collins was growing up, his grandfather specialized in traditional commercial printing. In fact, Collins helped him make the leap into digital, taught him QuarkXPress and even how to navigate a Macintosh computer, while garnering for himself valuable experience about the print industry. The knowledge then gave Collins everything he needed to stew traditional marketing with digital tech.

“My grandfather was ‘old school’, helping me learn an appreciation for the craftsmanship of analog media and how that could be applied to the digital world,” he said. “I was really into 3D animation in the mid-90s, following the release of Toy Story, but was also learning HTML, seeing a lot of promise in a new thing called the ‘World Wide Web.’”

His admiration of animation stems from the initial dream of working for Disney and its Pixar Studios, but Collins was meant to found Nick Collins Design, which is today known as Sartoris Digital. The word, Sartoris, is Latin for ‘tailor’, which highlights his ability to stitch and thread a stout online presence, including lead development for his clients. 

His services are tailored for everyone and unique to each and every client, spotlighting the message in which they are aiming for. Collins believes this is the business function that works best in building trust.

“Early on, you buy suits off the rack that never quite fit right,” Collins said. “When I founded Sartoris Digital, I wanted to create a custom suit that fits any business, and we stitch together success by patiently taking the measure of our clients, actively listening to what customers need, and pulling it all together with decades of experience.”

The customized and tailored approach to building ideal software for clients is what sets Sartoris Digital apart as it provides web design and digital marketing services for businesses of all sizes. 

Seeking out the expertise of Collins and his team certainly pays dividends. In fact, the company has worked with Fortune 500 and 100 companies. Packages are personalized and customized to meet all client standards, ensuring they have everything they need to find success.

About Sartoris Digital

Sartoris Digital is a digital media agency that specializes in paid ads, social media, custom website and software development, and SEO for major corporations and small businesses. The company has worked with Fortune 500 and 100 companies. For more information, please visit

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