Oliver Tedja is the chief executive and a founding partner of Riverside Holdings, a privately held investment group focused on East/Southeast Asian investments; headquartered in Hong Kong. The Indonesian-born Chinese businessman has big ambitions for the future of his investment firm.

There is much speculation going around that Oliver Tedja is the youngest Master Franchisee ever. At just sixteen years of age, his company has closed a ten-year licensing deal with the booming LHC Coffe House in Hong Kong. Tedja’s company has acquired the master franchise development rights for six of the top countries in Southeast Asia for LHC:  Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia.

With this deal, Riverside Holdings can now open, operate, distribute and sell as many franchises or licenses as the company deems fit within their territory. Tedja sees huge growth potential in the brand, which is why he partnered with LHC founder and CEO Jeff Kwok to take the company into the fastest-growing region in the world.

LHC is an upcoming popular Japanese European fusion coffee house with three locations in Hong Kong and one opening in Japan very soon. They have outlets in the heart of Wanchai, Tsim Sha Tsui, Lai Chi Kok, and soon in Kyushu, Japan.

LHC Philosophy

LHC endorses the philosophy of Life, Health, and Style. This sets guidelines for every aspect of our corporate and product development.

We persist in Japanese craftsmanship. This keeps us on track with the eternal pursuit of superiority and perfection. We integrate the most adorable aspects of different areas into our company culture, from Hong Kong’s standards, Europes culture, Japanese service, craftsmanships, and quality.

A Winning Formula

LHC has been able to strive & expand in the most expensive & competitive city in the world. The success is attributed to efficiency and a clear system/ model. Operating in HK forces us to be efficient & reliable.

Everything is organised and made into simple steps, from drinks/food preparation, staff training, and everything to do with day-to-day operations, making it very scalable. Customers recognise quality, and our beans give us a huge advantage. We focus on the experience rather than just the product.

Future of Riverside

Oliver Tedja: “We are constantly looking for new opportunities in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. Currently, Riverside Investments has eyes on many exciting and promising projects in Shanghai and Hong Kong. We are very excited about the licensing deal we closed with LHC, and we view massive potential with their expansion into Southeast Asia within the next few years.“

Why Riverside chose LHC

Oliver Tedja: ”LHC Cafe has been my favorite cafe in Hong Kong for a while. I would always visit their Wanchai branch even before meeting the owner. They are incredibly successful in Hong Kong, with three outlets and one opening in Japan late this year. I

recognized their rapid growth and the quality/ care of the product. This allowed me to realize the enormous potential this company had in Southeast Asia.”

Community Value

Oliver Tedja: “Personally, whenever taking on a project, I always look for community value.  I remind myself that every project I take on must help someone somehow, or it won’t a good long-term business. With this licensing deal, we are giving many aspiring entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia the opportunity and support to start their businesses economically.”

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