Tejpal Sharma believes in working for the betterment of the society

Tejpal Sharma

Tejpal Sharma aka Rinku is a well-known politician and social activist. He ardently believes that the youth of the country has immense potential to bring a change in society. He believes that whatever route once chooses to work, the end goal must always be the betterment of the society.

Aged 23, he hails from Bastar, a region affected by Naxal menace. He has established himself as a young politician in the region. Notably, he belongs to a non-political brahmin family and has set out to create his own name in the field of politics. He had actively worked as a dedicated swayamsewak in his childhood days and still working as a youth leader in Chhattisgarh. He has also worked and campaigned for BJP in the Khujji Vidhan Sabha for two and a half years and his name has become famous in Chhattisgarh largely due to his passionate working style.

He played a key role in 2019 during General election campaign. He successfully organised an army of over 1000 volunteers in Bastar as part of Mission 400+ campaign, organised numerous bike rallies across the state, and supervised the work of Mission 400+ volunteers in Bastar and Rajanandgaon in Chattisagarh .

He is appreciated for his phenomenal philanthropic works and contributions in the field of Indian politics. For his undying enthusiasm and ingenious ideas deployed by him during the Lok Sabha election campaign, he has been felicitated several times.

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