Teju Jangid: How a 12th Dropout Became a Digital Artist

Teju Jangid

Somebody has rightly said that “Art is a line around your thoughts.” In this era, youth are engaged in fulfilling their hobbies and dreams, and some young people come from such families where life is a little difficult but they do great things and get their name gigantic with all the notoriety. Today we are going to talk about Teju Jangid, a young digital artist from Thadia who came from a small village in Jodhpur, who has made it his career.

Teju comes from a society in which most of the people do carpentry and the family members also advise them to do the same work. Same as ‘What your father did you have to do that’. The same was going to happen to Teju but he listened to his internal mind and initiated making his profession in paintings and digital art, and is a well-known artist today.

Motivation from Teachers

Teju clarifies that he started making these paintings when he was in the 6th grade, because at that time there was no mobile, so nothing was known about digital art. In this way, Teju went on to make paintings and when he made some paintings in school in the 9th, the teachers appreciated him very much and with this inspiration, he continued to move forward. However, Teju says that his family members consider this work just as a waste of time, so he used to do this work sitting lonely.

Wanted to Do Fine Art But Couldn’t

During the conversation, Teju said that he wanted to do fine art after the 12th but the financial situation was not good enough, so he could not do it and passed BA from distance learning program. During that time, the family members said that he should go to Pune along with his brother for carpentry work but he gives his passion more importance and proceeded with it.

Distributed Leaflets on the Streets

At the same time, Teju Jangid further states that after the 12th standard, the responsibility of doing something is there in his mind but he does not want to do the work of furniture, so he went to Jodhpur with a friend where for some time he has to distribute leaflets for promotion of hostels on the streets. But he did not like this work, so he left it and went back home again.

Instagram Changed Viewpoint

Some people use social media in the wrong way but this social media has proved to be a boon for Teju. This has become Teju’s real career. “I fell very ill in 2018, so I always slept at home for a long time and at the same time I shared my artwork on Instagram and got a good response,” said Teju.

In this way, he came to digital art from paintings and gradually started to gain more followers, due to which he became an illustrator. Teju’s art has been appreciated by many celebrities until now, including Akshay Kumar, Shreya Ghoshal, Amit Bhadana, Tony Kakkar, and more.

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