Telemedicine MAO Inhibitor Doctors and Guide to MAOIs for Depression or Anxiety

Are you looking for a different antidepressant option that will work better for you? Have you recently asked your psychiatrist about a MAOI prescription, but aren’t sure about side effects? If you have any qualms, this will clear it up. 

While there have been many studies pointing to MAOIs as the gold standard of treatment against various psychiatric illnesses, these antidepressants are often overlooked as a highly effective treatment for a wide range of depression and anxiety disorders that continue to affect millions of Americans today. 

Regardless of popular dismissal, MAOIs continue to be effective treatments against atypical depression, bipolar disorder, treatment-resistant depression, narcolepsy, and several anxiety disorders like panic disorder or social phobia. So if you haven’t been experiencing much success with other antidepressants, MAOIs may be a better option for you. 

Understanding how MAOIs work to treat depression or anxiety

MAOIs reduce the activity of the enzyme MAO, which breaks down important neurotransmitters related to mood or anxiety. Less MAO in the brain results in higher levels of these neurotransmitters (norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine). And less MAO means less anxiety and more improved moods.

Common treatment options:

  • Parnate
  • Nardil
  • Marplan
  • Selegiline

Of course, different treatments will have different effects on each individual, but our doctors work hard to personalize a plan that works for you. Each of these medications is offered by our doctors via telehealth services, giving you the right, personalized prescriptions right over the phone. Learn about our membership and how to qualify.

If MAOIs work, why is there a generalized fear toward their use?

Unfortunately, when MAOIs was first popularly used as a treatment against depression (1950s-1960s), it led to some serious side effects, but to no fault of its own. In one case, eating too many foods high in tyramine would lead to hypertension and migraines due to negative interaction with MAOIs. Ever since The FDA has renewed standards to ensure that tyramine labels are added to foods high in tyramine where possible.

Foods high in tyramine:

  • Aged cheese
  • Alcohol
  • Citrus fruits
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Cured meats

You don’t have to avoid these foods altogether, only watch your intake. Not all foods contain tyramine, so it’s still very possible to avoid side effects without feeling restricted while working on improving your psychological well-being. If you check out our full MAOIs guide, you’ll have access to a variety of enjoyable tyramine-restricted diets recommended by our doctors.

In another case, taking MAOIs with other serotonergic medications led to serotonin syndrome, a potentially life-threatening illness that results when too much serotonin accumulates in your body. However, since the 60’s, researchers have discovered various SSRIs that can be safely combined with MAOIs at specific intake levels without worrying about serotonin syndrome.

And unlike cases from decades ago, our doctors know how to recommend the right MAOIs with the right doses and personalize it to your current treatment plan without running the risk of serotonin syndrome. Get started on your personal treatment plan with one of our doctors today. 

What’s the final verdict for MAOIs? 

If we focus on negative cases in the past, we choose to ignore how MAOIs are actually one of the more effective treatment options for clinical depression and anxiety disorders. 

Our team of doctors are proud MAOI experts that understand how MAOIs can be incorporated into your psychiatric treatment without running serious health risks. We’re here to provide you with all the guidance and tools you need to make educated decisions, as well as offer our personalized prescription service to get you started. As a member, a doctor will discover your needs during an initial intake, and then send you your new antidepressant prescriptions for a flat, monthly rate. 

You can get started with us by completing a quick intake form. In the meantime, get more educated on MAOIS with our MAOI Inhibitor Guide.

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