Tempest Styles Is Ready to Take Hip-hop by Storm With Her Authentic Beats

When music runs in the family, it becomes more than just sounds and beats. Music becomes a legacy and a way to stay connected. Tempest Styles is a hip-hop artist from the Bronx with music pumping in her blood.

Tempest Styles is the daughter of hip-hop artist Tito Navedo. She looked up to her father, following in his footsteps when she started writing music at a young age. She experimented until she found her own voice and style. She uploaded her first few songs on SoundCloud. Her songs depicted her authenticity and vibrant personality, which drew in her audience.

Eventually, Tempest Styles gained the confidence to release her music on a much larger global platform. This artist’s fanbase is continuously growing, and she is leaving a mark in the industry. She shares, “My father and his music may have inspired me, but I work hard to pave a lane of my own.”

And while music was a big part of her life growing up, it was not the only thing that occupied her time. “I have always been into performing,” the hip hop legacy shares, “And winning first place in everything, whether that’s running track, cheerleading, or talent shows.” Early on, Tempest Styles developed a reputation for working hard to achieve the goals she set her mind to.

“I have always been an entertainer and artist at heart. I was always writing music or wanting to perform, but I could not seem to focus on one thing,” Tempest Styles shares. She was drawn to different art forms, exhibiting skills in acting, dancing, music, and art. But the death of her father in July of last year gave her the push to focus on her music. “His passing made me want to take music more seriously. I want to give music my all. My father was an artist as well, and his death inspired something in me.”

Pushing herself into music, Tempest Styles proves that versatility is one of her strong suits. People may have preconceived notions about what hip-hop music is, and she is unafraid to explore and push the boundaries of the genre. “It’s a label, but that doesn’t mean I only write and sing about the same thing. I can talk about my life in the streets or about love and relationships. I can make music about deeper truths. Whatever topic fits the beat, I can go with it,” the young rapper says.

Another one of this artist’s strong suits is her unapologetic authenticity. Tempest Styles is someone who stays true to herself and her values no matter what. She believes that being genuine and sincere in her songs makes them so enjoyable for her supporters.

“I like to keep it real,” she shares. As she works towards making more music and building her career, this artist hopes to find management that will honor her authenticity. “I don’t want to lose who I am. As my music grows, I want people to know that this is me and that I am 100% real.”

Hip hop has been embedded in Tempest Styles’s life for as long as she can remember. Now she is ready to make a mark and share her music with the world. “I am starting to fulfill my life’s dream. This is only the beginning.”

Tempest Styles is a hip-hop artist based in New York. Her newest single, Senseless, will be out on May 3rd. For more information about her music, you may visit this website and follow her on Instagram.


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