Tfilings is Providing End to End Solutions for Startups & Small Business

In India, People are facing problems to find good consultant for their tax and compliance work due to various reason such as prices are too high, delay in delivering the work and no transparency in rates.

However, Income tax portal is very smooth to file ITR by individual himself but due lack of knowledge about taxation matter or short of time, People are looking for consultant and Tfilings try to solve this need of customer by providing one to one consultancy and Quality service at affordable cost in timely manner with full transparency in rates.

Startup and small business, faces difficulty in getting end to end services from compliance and business expansion related service because existing online player only provide compliance related service. Here come into the role Tfilings, which provide end to end service from company incorporation to business expansion by providing add on services such as Digital marketing support, Web development, Press release etc.

Tfilings is Delhi based fintech startup, which provide Tax, Compliance, Digital marketing etc services. Recently, Tfilingslaunches two new services i.e UAE/ Dubai company incorporation and Digital marketing services. By adding these services, our goal is to provide our client end to end services from company incorporation to business expansion. Tfilingshas special packages for startups, where they can get all this services at a discounted price in single package.

Tfilings is currently a bootstrap startup & started by Dinesh Chandra Joshi in back 2021. Dinesh Chandra Joshi has work experience from top accounting firm like Grant Thornton, TR Chadha & Co LLP. He is trying to make Tax & compliance easy and support startup ecosystem by providing to end to end services. He has team of expert Chartered accountant, Company Secretary and Cost Accountants.

”Compliance services are different from other fintech services. In compliance service, you have to build trust of users that their compliance is in safe hand. We build that trust, by providing quality service at affordable cost with data privacy,” Dinesh said.

Tfilings is growing rapidly in such a short period time, twomain reasons for such fast growth is transparency is rates and timely delivery,” Dinesh said.

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