The 01 Music Customizes Wedding Playlists to Create the Perfect Experience

The 01 is a fully customizable and scalable entertainment act that utilizes a process called The Psychology of the Guest to create transcendent experiences that guests will remember eternally. Unlike the typical DJ and (MC) or band, The 01 goes the extra mile, ranging from a truly personalized music selection process to the layout/design of the room and stage, to creating a customized event flow to increase tangible returns on investments in other vendors. The psychological process delves into connecting people and moments that make an event truly transcendent; why will a bridesmaid remember this wedding over the other 10 she’s going to this year? What emotional connection or motivation is that employee leaving this conference with?

Lazarus Stark launched The 01 when the award-winning frontman and entertainment producer, paired with John Carmichael, one of the best DJs in the events industry to create a truly unique experience around empathy and understanding of all perspectives, emotions and potential pitfalls. The ensemble combines a DJ with live performance, since many clients have been battling over the band vs DJ issue and many want the versatility of a DJ, but the value and impact of live performance.

Lazarus states, “We are being entrusted to tell the story of each couple and we get one chance to get it perfect. There’s no “edit in post” with live entertainment in a room full of phones set to video. Being able to build relationships with our clients allows us to truly create the soundtrack of their lives together and craft that story to evoke emotions intentionally to create memories.”

On a mission to deliver world-class memories and emotional impact to social and corporate events, galas, conferences, celebrations and parties, The 01 starts with a DJ and a frontman and scales up with musicians, dancers, video, lighting, effects, etc. 

In regards to his journey and craft, John says, “There weren’t videos on how to mix, scratch, or anything back in the day. I learned from the days of vinyl records, so making smooth blends took constant concentration. I bring together a track selection that will transport you back to your favorite moments and in doing so, create new memories that will last a lifetime.” 

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THE 01 MUSIC – @The01Music across all

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JOHN – FaceBook: J-Element/The 01 Music , John Carmichael, The 01 Music         

Twitter: @JElementThe01

Instagram:  jelement01

More about Lazarus Stark:

With 20+ years of experience yet not even 40 years old, Lazarus Stark has always been the outlier. An industry veteran, leader and mentor, Laz’s clients have included major multi-national corporations and some of the most valuable sports franchises on the planet, he’s done celebrity events, product launches, multi-day conferences, as well as multi-cultural, same-sex, destination and backyard weddings from Guadalajara, MX to Banff, Alberta, CA and NYC to Beverly Hills.

At the age of 16, Laz became a dancer with one of the top DJ companies in the NY/NJ area until he left NJ for the University of Maryland. Attending The Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland he answered an ad in the student paper (The Diamondback) looking for “DJs Wanted”. Since then he has produced and performed in 3 countries and 28 states for more than 2,500 events while racking up more than a dozen local, national and international awards for Best Entertainment, Best Event, Wedding of the Year, Entertainment Producer of the Year and Event of the Year.

Some of the events he’s been fortunate to be called upon for include: David Tutera Couture Weddings at Walt Disney World (Orlando, FL) to Grand Opening of Estadio Omnilife (Guadalajara, MX), luxury weddings from Charleston, SC to Alberta, CA and productions from 50th Destination Birthday Party at the Hotel Bel Air to a concert on the National Mall in DC. 

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