The 10 Greatest Health and Wellness Coaches in Australia

Ria Mestiza (@CoachRiaMestiza)

Our first selection, Ria Mestiza, is the coach to ambitious high achievers ready to take control of their health who areseeking to achieve their best body and lifestyle for optimization and longevity. She is the Founder of Fitsique Wellness & Performance and the host of “Summon Your Superhuman” Podcast

Ria teaches people how to own their mind and body and maximize on untapped inner strength and potential. Passionate about knowledge with an unparalleled commitment to growth both in her professional and personal endeavours. A decade of working with and learning from the “best of the best” her ever-evolving standards are World-Class. 

She is truly an all-in-one health practitioner specializing in Remedial Therapy, Kinesiology and Energy-Based modalities. With over 20 years’ experience in training & nutrition as a competitive athlete. Transforming clients and speaking to audiences all over the world she is dedicated to impact & inspiring a lifestyle beyond expectations.

Dr Zara Celik (@DrZaraCelik)

Our second selection, Dr Zara Celik – an integrative health & nutrition practitioner, wellness expert, high performance coach, and Founder of Multi-Award Winning Amara Wellness Centre – dedicates her life to empowering & educating women to embrace their individualities and thrive in all aspects of life. 

She helps top CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, celebrities and elite athletes around the globe to have equanimity, homeostasis and internal equilibrium, which is the foundation to peak performance. Dr Zara offers customised wellness programs specifically designed for every single client to meet their individual needs, ensuring that all her clients are educated, supported, guided and empowered every step of the way throughout their journeys. Her clients have full access directly to her anytime during and after the program. 

Dr Zara supports people to become the best version of themselves so they can thrive and live a meaningful life. Find out more and contact Dr Zara Here

Samantha Doyle (@SamanthaDoyle)

Our third selection, Mother of four, yoga therapist, and Ayurvedic wellness coach, Samantha Doyle is known for her gentle, simple, and effective approach to behaviour change. Samantha is the founder of Live to Serve Academy, a health and wellness platform which aims to educate and inspire people to live a vibrant, meaningful life. 

Having worked with thousands of women, across 10 different countries over the past decade, her offerings aim to serve the whole person – helping people find life and purpose beyond their health challenges. Her unique method has shown notable success with healing emotional eating and other complex patterns of behaviour. Samantha has shared the stage with influential industry leaders such as Dr. Robert Svoboda, AmadeaMorningstar, Dr Vignesh Devraj, and MC Yogi. 

Download your free Ayurvedic Wellness Guides here and start your holistic health journey today.

Cherry Farrow (@CherryFarrow)

Our fourth selection, Cherry Farrow – Motivational Speaker, International bestselling author, NLP Master Trainer, Stage Hypnotist, Master Coach, and CEO of Successful Minds Institute – works with individuals,organizations and education institutions to strengthen and elevate their communication, connection and confidence to new heights, so they can positively impact the world. 

Cherry’s down-to-earth humour makes her a highly sought after “edutainer”. She engages groups from the moment she steps in and leaves them with empowering tools and mindsets that they can use to coach themselves to their desired successes. Cherry is passionate about awakening people to their limiting beliefs that keep them mediocre and helping them take their careers, business, and themselves personally & professionally to unprecedented levels.

 Cherry’s mission is to have at least one family member in every home certified at the NLP Master Practitioner level. To find out more about Cherry & book a Master Your Mindset Action Plan session, visit Here

Tara Doherty (@TaraDoherty)

Our fifth selection, Tara Doherty, is an integrative health professional and founder of the health and wellness practice, Endless Vitality. Her signature Men’s Cleanse program gives men the personalised support they need to overcome many of their most compelling and uncomfortable health complaints. 

Men who are overweight, overwhelmed and under-performing, are extremely responsive to Tara’s science-based system that gets them lean, laser-focused and feeling happier. A customisednutrition and exercise plan works to heal the microbiome, improve mental focus, sleep quality, virility and weight loss, without feeling hungry or deprived. 

Tara wants you to live life well and find your endless vitality by focussing on five interlocking principles: Rewiring the brain for success; Removing unwanted weight; Rebalancing hormones; Resetting circadian rhythms and Recalibrating deep connection. 

Click here to connect with Tara and join a supportive community on a mission to reclaim their health and vitality. 

Jess Jasch (@JessJasch)

Our sixth selection, Jess Jasch, is podcast host of Get Jaschedand founder of J-Leigh, a Success Coaching service that dives deep into high-level empowerment work to impact positive change in health and wellbeing. Through epigenetic biology, mindset, and embodiment tools, Jess helps leaders from all over the world gain a deeper understanding of their needs on a biological and soul level, so they can tap into their unique version of success and realise more of it. 

Since she comes from a tertiary-qualified corporate communication and public relations background, through to trauma-informed yoga teaching, including her Masters of Life Coaching and NLP, Jess has spent the past 5 years helping clients building all important communication skills, and cultivating emotional intelligence that garners confidence to live a fully expressed, empowered life.

If you’re a leader and looking for a life-empowering coaching program for your success, contact Jess via the J-Leigh website.

Suzanne Ingleton (@YourInnerCalmCoach)

Our seventh selection, Suzanne Ingleton, is the creator of the famous 5in4 Weight Loss Program™.  Suzanne specialises in helping women who have tried everything to lose weight and finally get the results they want.

The program works because it transforms the way women eat, think and live  using Hypnosis, Time-Line Therapy® and Mind Body Eating Psychology.

5in4 has helped hundreds of women change their relationship with food and let go of negative emotions which have “literally been weighing them down”. 

Suzanne’s background as a Personal Trainer combined with her Coaching and Master NLP skills create a powerful program that ensures women lose weight easily and keep it off for good.

If you’re a woman who wants to lose weight book a FREE 30min Consultation NOW.

Emma Blake (@EmmaBlake)

Our eight selection, Emma, is the founder of Mind Body Soul Wellness. Her mission is to facilitate a safe space for her clients’ healing journeys. Emma empowers her clients to reconnect with their heart & soul, raise their awareness & energetic vibrations.  She also facilitates a number of modalities & processes allowing clients to heal Mindy, Body and Soul. Emma offers a range of reiki energy healing sessions, 1:1 Coaching Programs and Online Group Programs.

Emma works with women to take them from a place of lacking self love and worth, having a scarcity mindset around relationships, to a place of loving & rediscovering their self worth to create empowering relationships.

In 2020 Emma was nominated for a number of community awards and was runner-up in the 2020 Ausmumpreneur People’s Choice Award for Making a Difference in Health & Wellness.

Emma’s newest online group program, Evol-ve, is a journey to creating the ultimate relationship with self.

Claire Davis (@ClaireDavis)

Our ninth selection, Claire, is a personal mindset coach and trainer at Claire Davis Coaching, a mother of 3, and is passionate about helping other Mums find themselves again by assisting them to release negative emotions from the past, remove limiting decision that are holding them back and create new strategies that work towards leading them in to a compelling future of abundance. 

Claire’s qualifications include Master NLP Coach as well as Master in Time Line Therapy®, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. Claire is a recognized NLP Coach and Trainer by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and NLP. Claire believes that the best and fastest way to help more people is by training others to go on and do the same through her 4 in 1 NLP Practitioner and Modern Hypnosis training.

Claire’s motto is ‘To be the Change’. Go to Coach 4 Mums to check out her reviews.

Toni Dingle (@ToniDingle)

Our tenth selection, Toni Dingle, is the founder of That Gut Feeling, an online coaching service that helps women give their children the best start in life, both physically and mentally, by taking a holistic approach to gut health.

“Each new generation is faced with more and more health concerns. Be it chronic illness, developmental delays, behavioural problems, or skin conditions,” Toni says, “I have seen firsthand the power that improving gut health can have. Not only for children, but for mothers too.”

Toni offers a three-tier program that transforms the way women view health, and supports lifestyle changes that lead to a healthier gut and happier home. The program provides education, support and accountability so that women are able to THRIVE in life, health and motherhood, rather than simply survive it.

Toni’s mission is to build a community of like-minded women to help change the trajectory of health for future generations.

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