The 3 Outstanding Ways Your Business Can Take Off and Thrive in This Era

Here is how that is going to play out. It will definitely cost you a white lamb sacrifice, a jar of a shark’s tears, and a whale’s tooth. Okay, I’m just joking.

But on a serious note, what do you think it would really cost you to become successful and thrive in this age and time we’re in? A serious question to ponder, sincerely; I still personally ask myself this same question whenever I’m about to launch a new project or business idea. I’d ask, “what will it cost or require to make this idea fly?”

The world has really experienced dramatic changes and it’s still changing at a rapid speed. Some people are barely keeping up with the speed at which things are changing.
It makes a lot of people question the fate of the idea they might have, whether it is ever going to thrive or if it will just fail.

The chance of success of any business idea in this modern era requires that you initiate some level of advanced logical & intellectual smartness. You will be doing yourself or your business a lot of harm if you choose not to apply these things.

Below are the 3 practical things needed to thrive in our modern time.

1. Smart thinking: Thinking smarter is now the rule of the game, and you’ll have to be smart in your working. It is no longer about your physical muscles on display – that has nothing to do with how successful you’ll be in this modern world – it’s about your intellect, how smart you are that’ll determine your success.

It is no longer a display of physical strength, but it is now a show of smart thinking. And your smartness can only be measured by how informed you are. So this means that you must be really committed to dynamic learning patterns.

Knowledge is power and this is what smart thinking is all about. Before you can be smart in thinking, it means that you must have opened your mind to a lot of information – it means that you are intentional about your learning.

Learning gives you a better understanding of things; it gives you clarity and it informs you. It teaches you lessons and makes you experienced. And you become knowledgeable about what’s happening currently and what is possible to come in the nearest future – this gives you an edge and makes you powerful among your competitors.


2. Technology: I believe that technology is a big part of our modern world now, and it contributes largely to the changes we see and have experienced in recent times.
And if you aren’t paying a great deal of attention to technology yet, I think you might need to start doing so. It’s the bane of what we do in our modern system; most things, or a larger part of our modern innovations and inventions, are dependent on technology.

Whether you’re trying to scale up your business to grow faster or acquire more leads and high paying customers, you actually do need technology. Such things include social media, gadgets, and software that will enhance your performance.

Harnessing the power of technology and tools powered by technology is like using a speed dial function, it helps you eliminate all the unnecessary process and jump starts you almost immediately. It helps you to build your business on frameworks and even gives room for bootstrapping your idea.


3. Adaptation: Being adaptive summarizes every other point in this article. I once shared a story in one of the speaking engagements I had recently. It was about how we owned a water packaging company back in early 2000 here in Nigeria. It is popularly referred to as “pure water” or sachet water because it is packed in polythene sachets.

Business went on for a couple of years, until a shift happened in the industry, a shift we didn’t anticipate so we failed to adapt, which saw the crash and closing of the business for us, while others thrived because they evolved and adapted to the new system. We fell out and failed totally.

This business experience has thought me to always pay attention to sudden possible changes that may occur in my niche so that I can quickly make a shift and adapt to the new system of things. Just like us, so many other sachet water producers fell out too. It took the industry by surprise and the evolution was rapidly accepted by the big guys in the industry.

In life, we know that change is the only constant thing, and throughout history, this has played out to be very true. But people have struggled to evolve and adapt whenever the natural effect of change takes place.

Take, for example, the time of ice mining – the people who were into the business (big time) failed to evolve and adapt to the new system when the ice factory was invented. The ice factory van would deliver ice in its ice-cold room vehicle, from door to door.

The days of ice mining, using horses to deliver ice, came to an end, and the business owners fell out because they failed to evolve, and so their business died. Then came the invention of the refrigerator. Someone thought, why not make an ice factory that is portable enough that everyone can own in their homes?

So the refrigerator was invented, and just as you’d guess, the owners of ice factory van failed as well to evolve and adapt to the changes. It saw the end of their business model.
What does this tell you?

So we are seeing a pattern here: the cost isn’t really based on financial strength (alone) as you might think, but a larger part is dependent on these key things to succeed and thrive in our modern world. As the world keeps advancing, so does it also require deep learning and quick adaptation or else you’ll be left behind and left out of the game.

So when you’re busy thinking about lack of finance, what investors are looking at now is the longevity potentials of your product or idea.

They are concerned whether your business idea will still be valid in time to come, they are concerned about how easy it will be to adapt it to futuristic changes that will eventually happen.

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