The 5 Best Social Upgrade Alternatives You Should Be Using

With SocialUpgrade Shut Down, Check Out These Five Great Apps for Optimizing Instagram

“We are now closed.” If you head to SocialUpgrade’s website you’ll be greeted by this message. All good things come to an end, eventually and while Social Upgrade was a popular and generally well-reviewed Instagram app it’s now shuttered.

Does that mean you simply have to do without? Heck no. There are several alternatives that you can use to continue to grow your Instagram campaigns and profiles. And by growth, we mean organic, genuine growth not bots and all that. Let’s look at five great apps.


Opening up in the pole position is Kicksta. I’m putting this service as the top SocialUpgrade alternative both because I find it to be effective and because numerous other review websites have placed it at or near the top of their list.

In fact, many reviewers actually rate it better than SocialUpgrade. Refugees from SocialUpgrade may find that they’re not missing much after all.

Kicksta’s services are straightforward but manage to save a lot of time and effort on your part while also ensuring that your profile enjoys organic growth. First, you set up an Instagram profile. Then, you figure out who your target audience will be be.

Once that’s done, Kicksta will jump in and help you grow your profile organically. Among other things, they’ll like photographs from people in your target audience. Those people will receive a notification and many will then be tempted into following you.

Bots are a huge problem with Instagram and many Instagram apps and services have been accused of using bots to falsely boost numbers. However, Kicksta has perhaps the industry’s best reputation when it comes to being “bot free.”

VSCO- Make Your Pictures Beautiful

No offense to Instagram’s built in photo filters and tools but they aren’t exactly the best or most advanced. And when it comes to Instagram, is any factor more important than photos from a content perspective? Not really.

Fortunately, you can use VSCO to spruce your edits up. This, in turn, should help you attract more attention on the crowded Instagram platform. With VSCO, you can make your pictures truly stand out.

VSCO’s photo editing suit offers a range of high quality filters that will add a professional touch to your smartphone photos. Even the best smartphone cameras can’t stand up to professional photos. But with VSCO you can close the gap.

Repost for Instagram

Another smart strategy for growing your Instagram profile organically is to repost photographs. Unfortunately, reposting through Instagram can be a bit of a pain. Repost makes it much easier.

With Repost, reposting requires only a few quick clicks. Repost also allows you to set watermarks on photographs. This is a useful feature given how often photographs and content ends up being stolen these days.

Sprout Social

Data analytics is becoming more important for every web-based effort. Unfortunately, the data provided by Instagram can be rather limited. As a result, you can end up flying “data blind.” If you want to grow your Instagram profile and compete with the best Instagrammers out there, data could prove vital.

Enter Sprout Social. This social media platform provides a wealth of data insights and tracking engagements. It also provides tools for monitoring hashtags and comments and scheduling posts.  


Instamber is another popular and overall quite affordable service for growing Instagram. For just $10 you can use the Instagram Bot (Basic) to automate likes and other activities. This way, you won’t have to spend time doing in manually.

However, there is a catch: Instamber has been accused of copyright infringement and has allegedly gotten Instagram accounts banned. These are serious allegations and I’m not here to slander anyone. But you might want to do a bit of your own research before signing up.

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