The 5 Instagram Content Tips From Instagram Star Stefano Malachi

Stefano Malachi

To Mark World Social Media Day Day 2021, The First Indonesian Epicure in The UK Stefano Malachi Shares His Top Tips For Your Next Instagram Feed Inspiration

Stefano Malachi, a UK-based Indonesian influencer, has been on Instagram since 2012 which made him to be one of top influencers in London. We asked @stefanomalachi for his secret sauce to create his interactive Instagram content.

Creativity Is The King

Being creative is important to build engagement. Videos are the most engaging content, one-offs videos are good but a planned series of videos will keep viewers engaged over several days or weeks.

“When creating my video I would like it to be funny, useful and unexpected.”, says Stefano Malachi. He always adds humorous elements into his video to showcase the experience while delivering useful information to engage his followers.

Creating A Message to Believe In

Telling a story is the best way to hook your audience. “The benefit of social media is to let your audience get to know you better, simply through your content reviewing the products or services you showcase.”, says Stefano Malachi. Social Media is the perfect place where your voices personality and authenticity can shine through. “Don’t over-promote, it’s all about building relationships.”, added the London’s Top Tripadvisor Contributor.

Make use of Captions and Hashtags

While we know a photo speaks a thousand words but a caption helps on Instagram. “I always put the most important information first, as this is the first thing people see. If you can’t capture their

attention at first, trust me they won’t read the rest.”, says the Instagram Star Stefano Malachi. Utilize Hashtags to help broad audiences find your post organically on the platform.

Go Natural

Stefano Malachi explained that he doesn’t like to use filters nor presets for his Instagram feed. “I just don’t want my Instagram feed to look super polished.”, he added. With Instagram photos, Stefano Malachi tends to capture the right moment. “I love golden hour especially when I do content for travel.

The lights and colour tone of the picture all looks very natural. At some point yes I need to turn the brightness or contrast up a bit but that’s about it. I want to keep the true colour without applying any filter or presets.”

Be Yourself

It is very important to showcase your personality on Social Media as you need to be remembered so your audience will pass the positive word on to their friends and family. “I do encourage everyone who would like to start on Social Media to always show their true color. Be yourself because that authenticity makes you stand out from the crowd!.”, says the award-winning influencer Stefano Malachi.

Above all, Stefano Malachi enjoys the ride and continues building strong and meaningful relationships with his followers. He is always being consistent, real and genuine in all his content which builds trust in his followers as a credible source of restaurants and hotels recommendations.

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