The Abundant Fountain of Fitness Leads: The System That Produces Leads That Show up Each Month With George Liu From Gym Pillars

A quality marketing agency delivers results, not only for the first few months nor only for the big clients—but for every client, every month. And George Liu and Gym Pillars deliver just that. It is because of this dedication George and Gym Pillars have established themselves as the emerging tour-de-force in the marketing industry.

Gym Pillars provides a steady stream of quality leads. Their system combines an understanding that every person has motivations and desires with heavy investment, industry-exceptional testing, and daily analysis. Armed with the formula that allows gym owners to help more people and make more money, Gym Pillars puts the work in for their clients every single day.

Investing in Courses, Coaching, and their Clients

Before founding Gym Pillars, George invested heavily in courses and coaching programs to supplement his self-designed Health Marketing and Entrepreneurship major. Once Gym Pillars was established, George also took his desire to deliver to the next level by working in some of the gyms he marketed for. By doing so, he learned first-hand the struggles and needs of the people he chose to serve.

This combination of in-gym experience, education, and investing in courses post-college set the foundations for Gym Pillar’s exceptional marketing system.

With these investments, Gym Pillars has mastered the art of channeling the motivations of people wanting to get in shape and feel better about themselves into direct action. This means lives changed and money made for the gym owner.

Because of George’s investments into a comprehensive Gym Pillars strategy, the company has gained an exceptional ability to communicate for gym owners. Not just as a marketing agency, but Gym Pillars is choosing to become the most trusted hands-on marketing partner with an entire team supporting the oftentimes solopreneur that owns gyms.

Test for Success…and Then Test Again

Gym Pillars exceeds the industry standard in spending time and money testing their ads. This is what sets them apart from their competitors.

Unlike other marketing agencies, Gym Pillars tests their ads until they deliver results. They make sure their offers, copy, and channels work together to speak to their targets’ motivations and desires.

This investment in testing is one of the reasons the Gym Pillars system is an unceasing fountain of quality leads—not unclosed deals.

If an ad or a strategy is not triggering quality leads, then George and Gym Pillars will return to the drawing board to create a new strategy that indeed yields quality leads. And unlike other agencies, they never “steal and snip” a working ad from a competitor. All of their ads are based on their testing and research.

George built this intensive testing process because it forces him and the Gym Pillars team to work hard for their clients. Combined with his ‘pay per close’ system, if his leads don’t benefit the gym owner, then he won’t make any money. This sense of accountability ensures their fountain of quality leads’ continuous flow. The intensive testing is a testament to George’s desire to help gym owners thrive.

Constant Analysis of Existing Ads

George and the Gym Pillars team analyze their ads every single day. Not once a week, and not only when a client complains. They go through the numbers of each ad daily to ensure they are performing.

This constant analysis keeps the Gym Pillars ads performing at their peak.

If an ad is working but not thriving, George will instruct his team to determine where the ad is falling short. And they will take the time to test for the best possible solution.

Gym Pillars puts the time into every ad for every client—no matter their size. Unlike other marketing agencies which may let the small clients fall short, Gym Pillars expends their all into every client.

All these meticulous efforts because of George’s commitment to gym owners and their mission to help people better their lives. That is what matters. So, the ads have to be perfect. And Gym Pillars scrutinizes every ad, every single day, to ensure they are.

If you are interested in learning more about the Gym Pillars lead-fountain, then you can visit their website or join George’s Facebook Group for free advice and training.

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