The Analog Apps Running the White House, the Kremlin and All Tech Giants

We have hundreds of thousands of apps. Each day, a new one is being created. The fact is that if we place these apps into categories, the numbers reduce. The real competition, therefore, is in the functionality of each App, the user interface, the experience, and the wow factor.

But what happens when we all run out of power? What happens when our batteries are low or down? Do we stop functioning? We have increasingly grown dependent on Apps…and, of course, all the Apps must run on some smartphone. which is powered by a battery, which needs electricity…and, so, we invented the power bank. Wi-Fi/Data and Power Banks have now been firmly recruited into Maslow’s pyramid!

Only Two Types of Apps

In my estimation, there are only two types of Apps in the whole wide world: Analog Apps and Digital Apps. We are all aware of the Digital Apps, no doubt. However, little is said daily or little attention is given daily on the most powerful of Apps—Analog ones.

The most powerful Digital Apps you can find in the whole world today have their inherent power on analog Apps. In fact, the power of a Digital App is directly proportional to the full deployment of the underlying Analog App!


As a matter of fact, Analog Apps are found in the most developed digital world…and mark my words, they are not phased out. The moment these Analog Apps are phased out, that is the moment the Digital World will start to crumble. Analog Apps are found at Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Amazon and Alibaba, the White House, and The Kremlin. In fact, the power of these Tech giants is found in the total deployment of their Analog Apps. Let me say it again:

The bedrock of a powerful Digital App or System is directly proportional to how well deployed the underlying Analog Apps are!

Consumers or Producers?

The biggest and most powerful Analog Apps are so very few, probably just three. Technically, they are just two. The whole wide world is run on these few Analog Apps. Without these Analog Apps, there would be no Apple or Google or Microsoft or the White House or any other powerful Digital App!

Before I can reveal what they are (some people already know these Apps), let me go on lament mode first. The most unfortunate thing about Digital Apps is our over-reliance on them, at the expense of the Analog Apps. In other words, our power in productivity as a human race is better utilized when we deploy our Analog Apps and leverage the power of the Digital Apps. We ought to be producers more than we are consumers.

The Danger of Digital Apps

Digital Apps have created in us some world-wide daze and addiction. Simon Sinek, in his interview on Inside IQ Quest, says that the same dopamine chemical released when someone is drinking, smoking, or gambling is released when one is hooked on their social media pages.

I was in a conference recently that started at least an hour late. Over 90 people were present and, in my estimation, almost every one of them was “Isolated”, head bowed to their smartphone, flicking and scrolling away! What were they doing? They were mostly consuming the Digital Apps, while the Analog Apps were being dulled by the dopamine. It is at that conference that I came up with this write up.

Someone said that “TV is the chewing gum for the eyes”. Well, not anymore! Digital Apps are the new opium of the brain, the heart, and the spirit. As long as we are engaged and addicted to our Digital Apps, our Analog Apps remain unused, untapped, and dormant. And that is the birth of shallowness and un-productivity

The Analog Apps

I already mentioned them in the paragraph above, so let’s get right into them. All these Apps do not require Data/Wi-Fi or electricity. Can you believe it? Yet they are the most powerful Apps ever invented, and when we get the highest Apex of Tech Advancement, these Apps will still remain irreplaceable.

The Brain

Steve Wozniak, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Larry Page, to mention just a few Tech giants, all have a wonder-brain. None of their products, consumed worldwide, could be here without their brain power! You have probably read one of the most ubiquitous blog articles out there, titled “The Five Hour Rule”. In that article, all these world changers take some time to develop this App daily!! My question is: why shouldn’t you and I? Hint: They do not use Digital Apps to do this!

The Heart

Jesus Christ, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and many other great legends had larger-than-life kind of hearts. The success of Apple is largely attributed to the visionary leadership of Steve Jobs. The heart speaks of Purpose, Vision, and Personality. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there is no Digital App ever invented to grow his powerful Analog App. Its strength is inherent, yet it needs time and focus to develop. It needs instinct, belief, and certainty to grow. It needs mentorship and coaching, and most certainly, it needs a challenge.

The Spirit

George Malory, the famous mountain climber who died 2,000 feet shy of reaching the Peak of Mt. Everest is attributed to have said, “I can’t see myself coming down defeated”. His body was discovered in 1999 well preserved by the ice. At a banquet organized in his memory, one man is attributed to have said the following words

“I speak to you, Mt. Everest, in the name of all brave men living and those yet unborn. Mt. Everest, you defeated us once, you defeated us twice, you defeated us three times. But Mt. Everest, we shall someday defeat you, because you can’t get any bigger, but we can!”

That is what Spirit is all about. Spirit speaks of passion, drive, relentless pursuit, incessant ambition for a worthy cause. How many people can we find who have installed this powerful Analog App?

My friend, the fact is that the greatest people who ever lived, whether political leaders, spiritual leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, sports people, or anybody who ever made a telling contribution on earth, they all relied on a combination of just these three Analog Apps. And here we are thinking that we are “advanced”.

We have Digital Apps that are numbing and dulling these three Analog Apps each day…and we think we have a future with “advancement”. I tell you, God always, and I mean always, will have the last laugh and the last word.

These three Analog Apps need time, attention, care, and daily focused and intentional engaging work. Unfortunately, we only do give our brains, hearts, and spirit the time of the day when life has pushed us against a wall—and sometimes that is just too late.

13 Ways of Growing the Analog Apps

“Thinking is the highest productivity” —Dr. Mike Murdock

The following are ways you can use to develop your Analog Apps. I will not get into their details, as I have a feeling you already know what to do. For more details, check out the provided links:

  1. Mind Mapping (Pen and Paper)
  2. Mind Storming (Pen and Paper)
  3. Brainstorming (Meetings)
  4. Writing (Pen and Paper)
  5. Reading
  6. Power Talk (Self Talk)
  7. Meditations
  8. Intense Dreaming and Visualization
  9. Asking and Researching
  10. Passionate Conversations
  11. Master Minding
  12. Mentoring and Coaching
  13. Exercise and Nutrition.

The thing is, we do not need to wait for the Wi-Fi, the Data Bundles, and electricity to be off. We need to schedule the above things in order to maximize the use of the Digital Apps. The three most powerful Analog Apps were made by God: The Brain, The Heart, and The Spirit. Time to engage them fully!

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