The Apparel Brand Which is on a Steady Rise, Brody Garretsen’s ‘Convicted Clothing’

The search for a brand that values transparency and quality ends here, as its products make a persistent bet on both

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Entrepreneurship looks attractive from a distance, but in itself is a very tough field and not everyone is cut out for it. Only a few who have self-belief and confidence to take it through, wading troubled waters, are able to make it to the top. The sad truth is that many leave their journey midway owing to the mounting pressures of running a business, which comes with loads of hurdles and blockages.

Out of all businesses, clothing stands amidst tough competition, with many brands trying to outdo the other by offering better products at an affordable price range. Out of the few who are able to survive are owing to the quality of products that have a distinguishing quality, rarely seen in the clothing markets.

When we talk about these very few brands and their creators who have exceeded their own expectations and emerged amongst the leading names in the clothing business, ‘Convicted Clothing’ comes to the forefront which is the brainchild of Brody Garretsen from Perth, WA.

A few global brands have been embraced by the world and stand amongst the bestsellers which offer the fashionable clothes, with up and coming ‘Convicted Clothing’ is one to watch out for. How did Brody pull off with creating and making his brand top the clothing industry? We ask him, to which he answers, “I was toying with the idea of launching my own since quite sometime which would offer high quality products at affordable prices, which would also suit a common man’s budget.

Furthermore, the fashion industry always drew me towards it, and eventually I ended up creating this brand, which took off from the word go.” The business was started as a hobby as Brody loved the process of designing and creating garments and also for the fact that he never found the right clothing which suited his taste elsewhere and this was also one of the major reasons why he jumped into the apparel business, to give the world what they genuinely deserve, and he has lived up to his customer’s expectations, the growing number of clothes that vanish off his online shop rack is enough proof of it.

Check out the amazing collection of ‘Convicted Clothing’ on:
or follow the brand on Instagram: @convictedclo.

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Written by Matthew Thomas

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