The Art of Leadership with Moe Rock

At Influencive we pride ourselves on bringing you Unconventional Wisdom from Influential Minds. Today, we have a leader that has the kind of “je ne sais quoi” required to change the status quo of an industry in the current market climate. Moe Rock has had a storied career that began with him as a Producer, after achieving success in the music industry he pivoted and diversified his portfolio.

“I get bored easily and need to constantly challenge myself,” He said when asked about why he changed career paths. “I can’t see myself involved in any single industry for decades on end, when the impact is made I need to find new ways to challenge myself to provide value in other spaces.” This would explain why when looking at his Curriculum Vitae we find his career has impacted the Music Industry, Hollywood, Journalism, Philanthropy, Technology and Personal Development.

It’s hard to put him in a box, which is why we consider him ideal to learn a thing or two about making an impact. His bestselling book “Lead by Example” along with speaking engagements, shows and content he produces revolve primarily around the subject of Leadership. Today we spoke with the leadership advisor about principles that will help our leaders lead their lives.

Welcome to Influencive, How do you define Leadership?

The leadership of the modern era must be different from the leadership of the past. What the past year has proven to the global community is that we must move forward with a new way of thinking. We must shift away from thinking in terms of money and focus on meaning – Consequently, we must also shift away from thinking in terms of Economy and focus on Ecology.

What advice can you give to Entrepreneurs about the future of the market and emerging trends?

What has traditionally been brick and mortar has now turned into click and order. This means regardless of your profession you must be digital-centric and ensure you have a viable presence in the “digital real estate” landscape so to say.

All entrepreneurs now by default have a personal brand, even those that are working a salary position have one and may not be aware of it. In addition, leaders must be focused on purpose and not a paycheck. If you focus on your purpose and continue to add value to others the paycheck will come.

As an emerging leader in the media landscape, what do you see the future of the historic Los Angeles Tribune that you are the current steward of?

The decisions are made from a future time period and not from today. This is perhaps the most different distinction from my style of leadership. I am thinking about 2030 while making day to day choices in 2021 – this can potentially lead to a lack of understanding which is why communication is such an important part of leadership.

What is a principle of leadership that does not get enough focus or attention?

Gratitude. The first chapter of my book is about gratitude as I see it as a building block of authentic leadership. When a person not only practices gratitude but has it be an embodiment of his or her being, life changes. A grateful person can develop into a truly great leader.

What final words of wisdom can you share with our audience to help them develop into better Leaders and Entrepreneurs?

Follow your own inner voice as opposed to what I call a “socialized mind”. The media, teachers, those closest to us seek to define our worldview and the way we see ourselves. I challenge those that seek to be true leaders to be critical thinkers that create a life on their own terms.

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