The Artistic Mind Behind Coconut Kitty Corp

Although there is an abundance of popular social media figures on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, very few have found ways in which they can leverage their popularity to make a substantial amount of money. The ones who have been able to maximize their earning potential often times start their own companies, providing various products and services which are advertised to their massive followings. One social media star, Coconut Kitty, has developed a profitable formula for success through her building her own company, Coconut Kitty Corp.

Coconut Kitty is an artist, model, and influencer who has amassed an Instagram following of nearly 3 million followers in just 5 years time, with millions of additional followers spread across her network of social platforms. Born and raised in California, she was constantly inspired by her surroundings, and found herself involved in her first entrepreneurial venture at the young age of 12. Coconut Kitty created her first business, “The Sanrio Club,” selling lemonade on the corner of her street in a food truck that her father helped her build. Although the small business was profitable, the star soon became immersed in the world of art, and The Sanrio Club was pushed to the side.

Coconut Kitty first began painting and writing poetry nearly 13 years ago. It was clear right away that she had a special talent for many types of art, and in 2013 she hosted her first art show. Since then, Coconut Kitty has created more than 200 colorful paintings and poems to which she’s compiled into a coffee table book to be released in the middle of 2021. Aside from her paintings and poetry, Coconut Kitty is also an extremely talented artist when it comes to producing her own digital content online. Many describe her as a one-woman-show, functioning as the model, photographer, and editor. The entire production is set up, operated, and produced by Coconut Kitty, so her work often has a signature style that is solely her own.

When it comes to a perfect work-life balance, Coconut Kitty believes it’s important to do what you are passionate about first, and let the money follow with time. “I’ve always believed that if I just had fun and expressed myself through my art, the universe would find a way to make it profitable,” she stated. This belief reigned true, as Coconut Kitty’s fiery passion for art soon resulted in the creation of Coconut Kitty Corp, which embodies more than 7,500 paying subscribers, her brand work on Instagram, and her promotional services to other models in the industry.

Even though Coconut Kitty is currently living the life she’s always dreamed of, she continuously strives to reach new heights. She has significant plans in store for 2021, including the release of her first hardback coffee table book compiling all of her life’s work thus far, as previously mentioned. The book will be a first edition, but she plans on releasing a 2nd and 3rd edition as well. Coconut Kitty also plans to hold a large art showing in 2021, her first show since achieving stardom.

Possibly the best part about Coconut Kitty is her genuine care for others. She often mentions that she desires to be known for inspiring others, sharing wisdom, and being a role model who lives her life according to her own beliefs. We highly encourage you to follow the CEO of Coconut Kitty Corp, and we can’t wait to see what this creative mind has in store for the near future.

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