The Benefits of Building Community Behind Your Brand With a Spokesperson Apply To Big and Small Business Alike

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These days, when we say, ‘advertise your brand’, we’re not talking about going out and securing billboards or putting yourself on television ads. Although those are still appropriate channels for some, the world of business has advanced, and so has how we think of brands.

Now, it’s all about networking, community, and finding a celebrity or influential thought leader to promote your brand and give it a leg up. As women in business, the odds are still stacked against you, so it’s even more essential to find a way to get the word out. Here’s where building a community around your brand comes into the picture. And no one knows this better than James Broyhill. He started by repurposing whiskey barrels at Heritage Handcrafted and quickly became a brand spokesman himself. 

Working with companies like Jack Daniels and Pappy van Winkle, he brings an authentic storytelling approach to every brand he helps. He does this by creating stories and successes beyond the usual marketing tools. 

“I see myself and what I’ve done with Heritage Handcrafted as leveraging the unique product we have, but also as the story of authenticity,” said Broyhill. “It’s worked well with a lot of the editorial coverage that we’ve had in the past, and we want to lend the same to other brands that might require the same.” 

Follow his advice with the below tips to help your brand get the attention it deserves too!

Start Slow

As with any business, you need time to get the name out. So, if you don’t find yourself suddenly on every news channel, don’t despair. It takes a while to create a buzz around any brand. So, first things first, learn how to network for yourself before you try to do it for your brand. 

Building community around a brand can be a work in progress, and the work is never truly done. This is why you should think about the long-term aspects right at the beginning but don’t jump right to the end. Are you terrible at networking yourself? Hire someone to make connections for you! A spokesperson can 

Find Someone to Speak for You

A brand spokesperson gives your brand repute and helps spread the word. It helps foster trust in it among people that have never heard of you or what you do. That’s what Broyhill does for brands, allowing them to find their authentic voice, and he suggests doing the same for yours. His motivation? He wants to tell the story of authenticity for up-and-coming brands that may lack that. 

His way of doing it is by leaning into the generational appeal for brands by relying on his name and brand authority in the space. Whatever brand you’re putting together, you have to find a way to do the same for your own. Find a spokesperson that really speaks to your brand—they don’t necessarily have to have worked in your industry. Still, they should be somewhat familiar with or connected to it.

For some people, celebrities with no connection to the industry can sometimes work as good brand ambassadors. But this is usually only the case once your brand has some recognition already. Beyonce isn’t going to be willing to rep for a brand that no one knows, is she? If you’re starting from the bottom up, it’s best to do what Broyhill suggests and get an industry insider to help you out. 

Create a Compelling Story

Do you know the story of your brand? Another way to build trust in your brand is to create a story that speaks to people, whether they’re in your industry or not. You can do this with solid content that helps gain trust or spread the word on social media. You also could become a guest speaker on podcasts and news platforms.

Before you do any of that, make sure your own origin story is interesting enough. As Broyhill stated, “Most companies are so interested in sharing their products that they forget the value a strong, united brand message and story brings to the table.” 

The stronger your message, the more people are going to be attracted to what you’re selling. 

When Broyhill works with brands, he helps do so in a way that guides them through marketing strategies and execution, but he doesn’t focus on just that. As he explains, it’s best to focus on things beyond that, too, on digital brand building, social media management, and marketing automation. Most important of all, on the heartwarming story, you have to share with customers, clients, and industry professionals that can connect with and help you expand your brand. 

Look to Influencers

Influencer marketing is a pretty big deal these days. Not only will it help you spread the word, but it can also help you build a community around your brand that grows and spreads organically. Finding a brand ambassador can help you find the best influencer marketing strategy too, and often vice versa. Hiring someone to be your brand ambassador that has a connection with or is in the influencer community helps bring you into it as well. It also helps by building your brand in a new community that you may not have thought of when you started off. 

“The true spirit of the American Dream is making yourself a success,” said Broyhill. Not only does Broyhill provide the benefit of the family name but his system also generates qualified leads for your business, in a convenient “marketing-done-for-you” format where Broyhill’s team takes that hassle off your hands and allows you to get back to doing what you love, which is developing your business!  Between lead generation and leveraging a spokesperson for your brand, you cannot help but see growth, shatter expectations, and become (or remain) a successful Americana brand – with a strong network joining you on the ride up to the top.  


About James Broyhill

James Broyhill is a brand spokesman and marketing who, after working with companies like Jack Daniels and Pappy van Winkle, is bringing his approach of authentic storytelling to the table to help companies, entrepreneurs, and organizations to showcase their stories and successes. Going beyond marketing, James brings your brand to life. Find out more at 

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