The Benefits of Real-time Document Collaboration Software

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Collaboration is an essential part of the success of today’s companies. This is fair not only for small teams but also for big enterprises. To improve the workflow, more and more companies are switching to collaborative software tools which ensure productivity even when employees work from different locations.

Real-time document collaboration is part of this trend. If you want to ensure that your team effectively deals with electronic documents, choosing the best document collaboration software is going to help. Investing in the right solution can make a difference to your business, so we have prepared a list of the main benefits below.

What is real-time document collaboration software?

Technically, real-time document collaboration is a process during which several users work online on an electronic document from different devices. This involves automatic synchronization of all edits made by each user in order to avoid conflicts.

To co-edit documents, spreadsheets or presentations in real time, all users must have the same software and a stable internet connection.

Key advantages of real-time document collaboration software

Now that you have a better understanding of what real-time document collaboration software is and what it’s used for, let’s have a look at the main benefits it can offer:

  • Improved performance. Being able to co-edit a document, spreadsheet or presentation with other users simultaneously allows you to get your job done much faster. The less time you spend on document editing, the more attention you can pay to other important tasks.
  • Greater effectiveness. When collaborating online with your team, you can come up with ideas and immediately ask your teammates for advice by leaving a comment or sending a text message in the built-in chat. As the proverb says, “Two heads are better than one”.
  • Mobility. If your document collaboration software comes with mobile applications, it is possible to access documents, spreadsheets and presentations from a mobile device. This means that you can work from any place and location and even be part of a global team.
  • Security. If you opt for a trusted software provider that sticks to the highest security standards, you can be sure that your confidential data is always safe. The only thing that you need to control carefully is access to your devices.
  • Ease of use. The vast majority of modern document collaboration tools make it possible to open and edit files in the browser without installing any additional software. All you need to collaborate in real time is a good Internet connection.
  • Continuous learning. The adoption of real-time document collaboration software makes you learn new things all the time to stay in step with modern trends. Every new release brings in new features to make the collaboration process easier, so being a good learner at work is not a choice but a necessity.

Must-have features of real-time document collaboration software

At the time of choosing the ideal solution for document collaboration, the availability of the following features must be taken into account:

  • Compatibility with various formats;
  • Autosave;
  • Comments;
  • User mentions;
  • Version history and control;
  • Different access permissions;
  • Compatibility with mobile devices;
  • Offline and online access;
  • Scalability;
  • Integration with third-party services

Which solution to choose?

If you are new to real-time document collaboration software, you can opt for a well-known solution, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online. They have all the required features and allow you to address the majority of challenges you might face during the document collaboration process.

Nevertheless, Google and Microsoft are often blamed for not respecting the privacy of their users’ data. Moreover, once you start with their products, you might end up being locked within their ecosystem.

If you need a decent alternative with a focus on the privacy of your data, you can try using ONLYOFFICE Docs.  It’s an open-source online office suite that is designed for deploying a collaborative environment within a private network. ONLYOFFICE Docs easily integrates into any IT infrastructure because it’s compatible with plenty of third-party services, like ownCloud, Nextcloud, Nuxeo, Redmine, Jira, Alfresco, Confluence, Liferay, SharePoint, etc.

ONLYOFFICE Docs comes with the following feature:

  • Collaborative editors for text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and fillable forms;
  • Intuitive tabbed interface;
  • Total compatibility with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files;
  • Co-editing capabilities — Fast and Strict co-editing modes, track changes, autosave, version history, comments, user mentions, online communication;
  • Flexible access permissions — full access, viewing, reviewing, form filling, commenting;
  • Third-party plugins — Word Counter, Google Translate, Deepl, Photo Editor, Jitsi, Telegram, etc.
  • JavaScript macros for routine tasks;
  • Advanced security— end-to-end encryption, Jason Web Token support, configurable cache lifetime, HTTPS;
  • Free app for Windows, Linux and macOS;
  • Free mobile apps for Android and iOS;
  • Scalability;
  • Free version with up to 20 simultaneous connections;
  • Commercial editions for businesses and software developers with a 30-day free trial.


We hope you find the benefits of real-time document collaboration software convincing enough to go for it today. ONLYOFFICE Docs have all the required features to make a difference and increase the productivity of your team.

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