The Best CBD Gummies: Based on 15,000 Interviews

Considering how fast the CBD industry grew and the number of products available for purchase, it’s no surprise that finding the best products can be difficult.

Companies boast about their product’s quality as well as the variety of health benefits that you receive when you ingest CBD; however, despite what these companies preach, there are a lot of bunk products that are no better than snake oil. 

Because there is a disparity between what companies market and the truth, we decided to survey over 15,000 users of gummies to see what companies consumers are shopping with and what their go-to brand is when they purchase CBD. Here are the companies we found were the most popular.

Verma Farms

Continuing to breach new and exciting territory, Verma Farms continually received high praise amongst the 15,000 participants. Verma’s product is made from American-grown hemp and comes in several different flavors, including Peachy Pau Hana, Maui Melon, Blueberry Wave, Wahoo Worm, Sugar-Free, Hawaiian Rainbow, Tropical Cherry, Beary Beach, and Island Apple. Verma Farms has been one of the CBD gummy providers so far – which is understandable considering Verma Farms appears at the top of the list in Forbes’ best CBD Gummies list. 


Another household name among the 15,000 participants was Koi CBD. Koi CBD utilizes a full-spectrum product derived from organic, USA-grown hemp. KOI CBD offers two products that include soft gummies or sour tropicals. 

Green Roads 

There also seemed to be a consensus that Green Roads creates highly effective products. As a well-known retailer in the glass and health shop space, Green Roads is on its way to becoming a prestigious company in the CBD space. Their variety of CBD products seemed to be a hit among the respondents. Green Roads offerings include Gummy Bears, Fruit Bites, CBD Froggies, CBD Sleepy Z’s, and Relief Toads, which all come in a variety of ingredients and dosages.


Another company to keep your eye on is Balance. Balance is a CBD gummy company that with two offerings, 100mg and 250mg gummies. Their flavors include Mixed Variety (a selection of all the flavors they offer), Raspberry, Strawberry, Orange Dreamsicle, Wildberry, Cotton Candy, or Granny Smith Apple. Balance is a great option for those looking for a no-frills CBD gummy.

Charlotte’s Web 

One of the more recognizable names in the business is Charlotte’s Web. Their CBD Gummies include three different varieties, including Recovery (which contains anti-inflammatory agents like ginger and turmeric), Sleep (which contains melatonin), and Calm (which gives a relaxing effect). As a CBD brand that offers products that increase by 10mg increments, Charlotte’s Web’s products are perfect for those who are using CBD for medical purposes.

Lord Jones 

Lord Jones was considered a premium brand by many of the participants in our survey. Lord Jones offers CBD gummies in the following flavors: Red Raspberry, Old Fashioned, Sigurberry, Peach Summer, or Blood Orange, and their gummies come in eye-catching packaging.


While they only offer one gummy, PureKana’s vegan gummies were well received by the audience. When you consider the demand for all-natural, healthy options in the CBD space, PureKana delivers on those requests time after time with their high-grade products.

CBD American Shaman

CBD American Shaman gummies are made from American-grown hemp, which comes in 10mg serving sizes in a package containing 300mg (total) per jar. CBD American Shaman is unique because their CBD is derived from what many call a ‘terpene-rich’ process.

Sunday Scaries 

A broad-spectrum CBD, Sunday Scaries brings natural, vegan gummies to market. Using pure cane sugar (as well as the vitamins B12 and D3), Sunday Scaries is one of the healthiest options on the list. 

Holiday CBD

Holiday CBD offers two products, a fruit-flavored THC-Free candy, and a vegan option of that same product. For participants who said they ingest CBD in 10mg serving sizes. Holiday CBD’s 10mg candies were some of their favorites.

Feel Good Edibles 

When it comes to cost-effective options, you can’t overlook Feel Good Edibles. Feel Good Edibles offers a 300mg pack of 30, 10mg gummies. Containing only 2gs of sugar, Feel Good Edibles is one of the healthiest options on the list.

Hemp Bombs

If you are looking for a powerful (high-dosed) product, you are going to want to look into, Hemp Bombs’ CBD gummies. Hemp Bomb currently offers Original Gummies (which contain 450mg distributed among 30-gummies), High-Potency (which contain 750mg distributed among 30-gummies), and Sleep Gummies (which are 450mg distributed among 30, but contain melatonin).

Green Gorilla’s Green Gummies 

If you take CBD in small doses throughout the day, then Green Gorilla’s Green Gummies can be one of the best options on the market. At 5mg per gummy, their mix includes the flavors Strawberry, Wild Berry, and Gorilla Berry. Each flavor is 95 percent organic and vegan.

CBD Distillery 

CBD Distillery has two products on the market; the first is considered their regular version and is organic and vegan. Each gummy contains 30mg of CBD and 30 gummies come in each bottle. Their second product, CBD Nighttime Gummies, contains melatonin, a chemical compound known to assist individuals when it comes to sleeping. 

Palm Organix

Another company that has made a name for themselves among CBD users is Palm Organix. Palm Organix uses organic, all-natural hemp and offers just one type of gummy. However, each gummy contains a potent 200mg of CBD. 


A popular brand amongst vegans is Fab CBD. Fab CBD offers chews made from organic cane sugar, tapioca syrup, grape juice, and other natural flavors. Coming in at a potent 750mg, this organic, all-natural option makes Fab a favorite amongst the individuals interested in strong medicine.

Edens Herbals

Edens Herbals is unique because its products are priced per milligram (mg). Their products range from 500mg, 1,000mg, and 1,200mg, and are offered in the flavors Pineapple, Grapefruit, Strawberry Melon, Cherry, Orange, Lime, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Apple, Mango, and Lemon. In addition, Edens Herbals offers a 1,200mg strength gummy called ‘Eve’s Sour Apple,’ which comes with 20 apple gummies. An isolate-based gummy, Edens Herbals are a good choice for those looking for a product that’s not full-spectrum or broad.

Not Pot 

Beyond having a clever name for a CBD company, Not Pot’s Vegan CBD Gummies offers a CBD product that is derived from organically grown hemp. Their products are entirely vegan and even come in a full-spectrum variety. 

CBD Infusionz 

If you’re looking to create a CBD product with a unique profile, then CBD Infusionz is the perfect solution for you. CBD Infusionz offers four levels of potency that you can choose from, 100mg, 200mg, 600mg, and 1,200mg and gives you the option of making your dosages THC-Free, Full Spectrum, or even melatonin infused. Round that out with being an all-natural, organic product-creator and CBD Infusionz is perhaps the best choose-your-own product on the market. 

Earth E CBD

Earth E CBD is a company that makes affordable, yet effective, CBD gummy bears. Earth E CBD’s packs are all-natural and $16.00 per package. This makes them quite the bargain given their quality and variety of products and flavors. 

Diamond CBD 

At only $8.00 per pack, Diamond CBD’s Chill Gummies provide a bargain that’s hard to pass up. With an organic, all-natural CBD base, Diamond delivers on a variety pack that is one of the best of the bunch.

Infinite’s Asteroid CBD Gummies 

Infinite’s Asteroid CBD gummies were one of the top choices amongst the health nuts surveyed. By giving users the option to choose from packs that include 5, 10, or 20 gummies, with each gummy containing 25mg of CBD per gummy, consumers can easily satisfy their needs in terms of quantity and potency. 


Neurogan offers a full-spectrum gummy bear that comes in several different levels of potency: 10mg, 20mg, or 40mg. Although their material is sourced from Denmark, it’s also made in small batches that limit the types of flavors being offered. With a current lineup that includes Wild Berry, Sour Apple, and Lemon Tart, Neurogan has a quality that’s unmatched amongst their competition.


Stemming from the lifestyle and health sector, Yumi offers a CBD gummy that’s perfect for relaxing and de-stressing. As an anti-inflammatory, their 10mg gummies are popular when it comes to workout recovery. Yumi’s products come in potency levels of 300mg and 600mg.

Cannabidiol Life

With the recent launch of their lineup called Hempful Gummies, Cannabidiol Life added to their array of products. Hailing from the legal state of Colorado, their Colorado-grown hemp comes from one of the nation’s suppliers who has been in the industry longer than most. Currently offering flavors such as Cherry, Pineapple, Apple, Orange, and Lemon, their options come in 10, 30 or 60mg. 

Wyld CBD

What makes Wyld CBD  unique is that they use real fruits in their solution. That being said, Wyld CBD is looking to set the standard when it comes to the next generation of CBD companies.


With USA-grown organic hemp, Naturefine products include classics like watermelon slices, sour worms, peach rings, gummy bears, and even berry wedges, Naturefine is making a name for themselves as a company that knows how to compete amongst classics. The results? So far, they’ve become quite a popular choice amongst those who want a CBD version of what they’re already familiar with.

Live Green Hemp 

Another company that’s reinventing the classics is Live Green Hemp. Their lineup of gummies is a relatively good value at $40 for a 750mg package. Live Green Hemp offers a full-spectrum product, and their gummies have a strength that’s not for the faint of heart. With a current product line that includes clear bears, sour bears, sour worms, peach rings, and apple rings, Live Green Hemp has a lineup that will make you feel like a kid in the candy store.

Frontier Jackson

Frontier Jackson offers a 12mg per gummy package. Each gummy is packed with Vitamin A, C, and E, as well as essential fatty acids and amino acids. Utilizing a coconut MCT base, their full-spectrum product doesn’t skimp when it comes to creating something that CBD fans and health-nuts will enjoy. 

Highland Pharms

As a fully-organic, full-spectrum, all-natural product, Highland Pharms is a high-dose CBD gummy that participants were fond of. With gummies offered in 20mg-per-piece and 10mg-per-piece packages, their offerings are $40.00 and $69.95, respectively. 

Honest Marijuana 

Priding their work on Nanobidiol Technology, Honest Marijuana holds the claim that they have a much higher percentage of hemp oil than any competitor on the market. They say this is because they have figured out a process that leads to faster absorption than any other company in the market. While we can’t guarantee that’s true, we can say that Honest Marijuana’s CBD gummies are some of the best on the market in terms of what you’re getting. 

Creating Better Days

As a name that you see practically in every glass and nutritional shop across the country, Creating Better Days has the CBD game on lock, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is their product notorious for quality, but they also know how to diversify their list of products. Their product line currently includes sour gummy worms, watermelon slices, sour gummy bears, sour gummies, apple rings, pop bottles, rainbow belts, watermelon rings, fruit salad, peach rings, and cherry bomb. In addition, they offer a children’s and multivitamin version as well. At around $40.00 per pack, Creating Better Days has something for everyone, which is why they’ll continue their dominance over the CBD gummy market as well.

Sun State Hemp 

To round out our list is Sun State Hemp. With several offerings including 500mg, 750mg, 1150mg, and 1500mg, Sun State Hemp offers flavors that include peach rings, gummy penguins, apple rings, blue raspberry wings, strawberry rings, fruit slices, sour patches, gummy bears, worms, and sour strips. 

What are your favorite CBD gummies out there? Comment with your insights below!


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