The Best Organic Crackers to try This Year

Crackers are like innocent food items that can be crumbled into soup, nibbled with ginger ale when sick, and can be topped with cheese and enjoyed with vino. As dietitian Jenna Appel says, “A great way to get whole grains in one’s diet is to eat crackers.” Organic Crackers are a healthy diet and encourage eating other healthy foods such as cheese, peanut butter, olives, hummus, and smoked salmon when topped on crackers. But one should be mindful of the toppings he/she is consuming with crackers as it may lead to excessive consumption of fats, calories, or sodium. Finding healthy crackers to eat as a snack can be a hit or miss. I will recommend some of the best crackers to try this year.

  • Almond Flour Sea Salt Crackers from Simple Mills:

When you feel like having a salty bite without butting in any other strong flavor and crunchy cracker, then Simple Mills Almond Flour Sea Salt Crackers are best to eat. With almond flour, these crackers fulfill the protein content. These crackers are made of sunflower oil and are served in single bags that can be easily tossed in a purse.

  • Sea Salt Lentil Crackers from Saffron Road:

These crackers are gluten-free but not hearty or overpowering. They come in sturdy squares and are usually served with cheese toppings and dipped in soup. With lentil flour as its first ingredient, about 5 grams of proteins are served per serving which is much more than other companies’ crackers.

  • Lemon Blueberry Crisps from Angelic Bakehouse:

We all like surprises in our life, and this cracker is sure to surprise its eaters. As one snack eater said, “These crackers are sweet and weirdly good that makes me obsessed with it.” Peanut butter topping on blueberry crisps is a good choice to go with. These crackers are sprouted with whole grains and contain a good amount of proteins and fibers with 11 grams of whole grain in them.

  • Lentils with Turmeric Crackers from RW Garcia:

These crackers have an Indian food-like taste and are enjoyed by many people against the principle of trendy green out in crackers. They are gluten-free, USDA organic, low in sodium, and have zero cholesterol. These crackers have the first ingredient as stone-ground white corns that are very healthy to eat.

  • Sea Salt and Black Rice Crackers from LAIKI:

These are gluten-free, zero added sugar, and low sodium crackers and a pack of 21 crackers have as low as 130 calories. Per serving, these crackers have about 4 grams of protein. These crackers have a light popcorn-like texture, and they float well in tomato soup.

  • Toasted Thai Rice Sesame Chips from Dhang:

These nutty chips are made by soaking sticky rice in watermelon juice and coconut milk and then drying them to obtain a crispy texture. These crackers contain many vegan ingredients, tons of potassium, and calcium. They are served in a pack of 25 crackers and piling them up will never be regretful.

  • Flax Seed Nut-Thins from Blue Diamond Artisan:

These crackers are made from almond flour and rice. The texture is smooth and contains ALA Omega-3s in about 400 milligrams per serving. They are low in sodium with no added sugar and a healthy choice for individuals.

  • Rosemary Garlic Crackers from Moonshot Snacks:

These crackers are thick in size and taste very good when dipped in hummus and soup. These crackers are 100% USDA organic and are packed with Stone-milled Edison wheat. They are highly satisfying and healthy with no added sugar, no preservatives, and 4 grams of protein per serving.

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