The Best Way To Achieve Your 2022 Travel Goals & Still Manage Your Business

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The last two years have been doozies, that’s for sure. But, if the declining Omicron numbers are any indication, there may be brighter days ahead in 2022. For those who run their own businesses, 2022 may mean finally pulling the trigger on travel plans. 

Most business owners know that you can’t possibly pour from an empty cup. Working towards a viable work/life balance is essential if you want to have the energy and focus necessary to run your business successfully. However, if you’re a busy business owner, you may wonder how to fit your 2022 travel goals into a busy schedule?

Fear not! Just because the buck stops with you in your business doesn’t mean you can’t take a little rest and relaxation when it’s desired. Like any other decision you make within your business, proper planning will ensure you can enjoy the R&R when you take it.

Delegating Tasks 

Business owners may have a tough time relaxing on vacation if they feel the day-to-day tasks necessary to keep their business up and running are neglected. 

Cyberbacker founder and CEO Craig Goodliffe discovered the benefit of bringing on virtual assistants while running his real estate business. Integrating virtual assistants into a business allows the owner to rest easy knowing that administrative tasks, marketing outreach, and even social media management are well in hand. 

“We’re out there, working with people who started a business, who had a dream, who said ‘I want to do this and I need help'” says Goodliffe when asked about the Cyberbacker platform.

Asking for help and feeling comfortable delegating tasks to others is the first step in achieving goals of rest or travel amid running a business. No man (or woman) is an island. Finding good help and letting them keep things running while you’re away is paramount to traveling stress-free as a business owner.

Employing virtual assistants, such as Cyberbackers, is a great way to scale your business even as you sip Mai Tais on the beach.

Create Evergreen Income Streams

If it fits your business plan or structure, creating evergreen ways of generating income even while you rest is an ideal way of allowing for guilt-free vacations. It can be easier to relax if you know your business is making you money even as you sleep. 

Evergreen income streams are sometimes called passive income and can be achieved through affiliate marketing, automating sales, e-book sales, online courses, or joint ventures, among other paths.

Maintaining evergreen income streams is another approach where the previously mentioned virtual assistants can be invaluable. Even though many passive income sources can be “set it and forget it”, some still require a level of management.

Learning to Let Go

Business owners and CEOs are often very “Type A” personalities and have difficulty putting work down to relax. After all, they built this business, and it’s their baby. But, getting comfortable with letting go and trusting everything will be fine while you rest is a part of growing as a leader. 

“I’m big on customer service. I think my phone should always be answered 24/7,” says Cyberbacker’s Goodliffe. He acknowledges that people don’t have enough hours in the day to do it all alone. Early on, he learned that letting some tasks go opened doors to more rest and a better work/life balance. 

At the end of the day, if you’ve hired the right people, whether virtually or in-office, you can feel more confident taking time away from your business.

The Dark Side of the Digital Nomad Dream

Many business owners may be saying, “But I do travel! I can work anywhere that has WI-FI!”

While this may sound appealing at first, the idea of sitting in a French cafe and still answering emails and updating your website, it can get old very fast. If you have a foot in both the working world and the traveling world, you’re likely not giving your best to either. 

When you take a vacation, you want to soak up the sights, the sounds, and the time to breathe and enjoy a brain break from work-related stresses. Instead of packing all your work into your carry-on as you set off on vacation, leave it behind and trust your team or the virtual assistants you have brought on to keep things running.

Even though it can feel initially uncomfortable to rely on others to keep your business afloat while you kick back, it’s an integral part of being a successful entrepreneur. Resting and enjoying oneself is a great way to spark new ideas and rejuvenate your enthusiasm for your business.

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