The Bestselling Author Dr. Laurie Mintz Talks about How Her Books Enlightened the General Masses

Are you looking to cultivate a juicy and orgasmic connection to your body and reclaim the sexual power you have been declined historically?

Women have had enough of unfulfilling sexual encounters, and it is time to change that and close the orgasm gap that exists between women and men. Dr. Laurie Mintz from Gainesville, Florida, has scientifically-sound solutions to empower women to orgasm, delivered in an empowering and amusing way. She is the flag bearer of an orgasmic insurrection. She is on a mission to eradicate gender inequality in the bedroom, educating the masses and training other psychologists on the subject also.

Dr. Mintz is a best-selling author, sex therapist, licensed psychologist, and professor of Psychology of Human Sexuality at the University of Florida. She plays a pivotal role in empowering women around sexuality and bridging the orgasm gap.

As the best-selling author of two popular press books, A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex: Reclaim Your Desire and Reignite Your Relationship and Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters and How to Get It, Dr. Laurie has helped numerous women reach their sexual potential and orgasmic objectives and helped them maintain healthy, fulfilling lives.

Dr. Mintz’s first book is a guide that shows women how to bring their libido back to life and put the passion back into their lives. Laurie has been there both personally and professionally and shares her own story, as well as her clients’. She has built her own foolproof five-step plan, carefully designed to excite and energize even the weariest of stressed-out women.

It is everything readers need to feel sexy, sensual, and orgasmic all over again. Letting sex go has more negatives than having less pleasure. Dr. Laurie tells us that sex is important for one’s health, emotions and certainly keeps relationships strong. Through her sex-positive information, Dr. Laurie tells her readers that it is never too late to wake up and rejuvenate our sexuality.

In her second book, Becoming Cliterate, she attempts to change the narrative on female sexual pleasure and close the orgasm gap. Women experience sexual pleasure from diverse ways of physical and mental stimulation. This book provides a wealth of information on the clitoris and depicts ways of creating a more fulfilling sexual life.

As she concludes her recent TEDx talk in the following words highlighting her manifesto:

Quality sex is only possible with true sexual equality. Quality sex requires fighting against the pervasive cultural message that the way men most reliably reach orgasm is the default way that both women and men should reach orgasm. Together, let’s stop calling intercourse “sex,” let’s stop calling everything “down there” a vagina, and let’s place the clitoris in the public eye. I challenge you to start noticing and calling out unrealistic media images of women’s sexual pleasure. And, in your most intimate sexual encounters, I challenge you to give equal attention to clitoral stimulation and penetration. Finally, I invite each and every one of you to join me in creating a new sexual revolution. A sexual revolution for pleasure equality–because for people with clits, the revolution is cuming!

Today, Dr. Laurie Mintz is working tirelessly as a sex therapist, writer, and speaker to empower women and challenge the traditional misogyny in bedrooms.

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