The Bridge Between Ancestral Wisdom and Modern Society with Maria Camila Betancur

Society is more disconnected now than ever. With modern-day technology easily binding us together at the click of a button, there is one important question that arises; Has society forgotten the ancient wisdom that afforded them peace and happiness? The gap between ancestral wisdom and modern society seems to be widening every other day. It is no doubt that every person was once connected, regardless of cultural or ancestral lineage. But as time went by, much of the wisdom was lost. 

Fortunately, this generation has some wisdom keepers still walking and defending the earth. One of them is the wonderful Maria Camila Betancur. Maria was born and raised in Colombia before moving to the United States. She is a student of the divine feminine who successfully blends her spirituality with her business.

She is a multifaceted modern-day medicine woman whose skill sets include; Holographic Sound Healing, Shamanic Healing, Reiki, and life coaching. Besides, Maria is CPR certified and a Kambo Practitioner. Her daily rituals include yoga, meditation, breath work, journaling, and deep connections with humans.

She has worked closely with Milly Andrade from the Sonoran Desert of the COMCAAC community, who are the guardians of OTAC medicine. Moreover, she is the founder of The Journey Back To Soul. 

Here is what she has to share about bridging ancestral wisdom and modern society. 

Connection Vs. Separation

Indigenous people around the world lived connected. They learned the secrets of society and passed them on to the next generation. As human beings, we are part of nature, and if nature suffers, we suffer too. That’s why ancient wisdom keepers understand this concept.

Therefore to be connected, we need to go beyond being present in the moment and have a deep understanding of our actions in the future. We need to leave the world a better place than we found it, and in that way, we’ll be giving back to the earth rather than taking it from it. 

The connection, unlike separation, helps not only the environment but it’s also an escape from the hypnosis that modern-day technology, especially social media, has put us in. This hypnosis has prevented this generation from reaching its internal ‘connection.’ It is the reason this society is separated, and the only way to break out is through a deeper connection with nature. 

Consider Wholeness

Maria says that we must consider wholeness, mind, body, and spirit to heal. The Journey Back To The Soul brings you sacred medicines and integration through group activities, experiences, and community. That is why Maria is at the forefront of giving others the most supportive, compassionate, and personalized guidance in expanding awareness and love by creating a loved, safe and sacred place for people to learn about and apply their strengths, courage, and power to heal. She helps honor nature’s wisdom through these carefully crafted products and ceremony kits to transform habits into sacred home rituals. 

In the future, The Journey Back to Soul will expand into retreat centers and continue to facilitate plant medicine retreats and further expand its offerings of ancestral medicines and tools for people to develop and continue their spiritual practices. Maria is helping people grow their conscience and helping them cultivate their relationship with their hearts and the treatment within. 

Finding a spiritual connection with the earth is very important. Therefore when you plant seeds on the planet and take care of these living beings, it will help bring a balance in the world. It is good to remember that we are spirits, just like forests, water, and the land. And guess what? These are the things that the indigenous people have been fighting for.

Therefore we need to set aside everything else and revitalize, replenish and rebuild the earth. That way, we will be able to bridge ancestral wisdom and modern society. We need not allow destructive practices to go on. If we make a difference today, we will start to bring equality and peace back to society. 

Conclusively, for ancestral wisdom and modern wisdom to connect, the above should be taken into account. For more information, you can connect with Maria Camila Betancur on Instagram.

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