The Brodick Group: Responsive, Adaptive, Personable

The Brodick Group cares about being as responsive, adaptive, and personable as possible with each client.


Because when you’re making the most important and, usually, the most expensive, purchase of your life, you need someone who’s fully there for you. You need someone who’s willing to be there for in what can be a very complex process.

This is something James and Ashley Brodick, founders of the Brodick Group, make as a top priority.

Why should you choose the Brodick Group?

So much of any company’s success depends on their ability to build relationships. In the real estate world, it’s no different: the quality of the people developing the deals is the biggest factor in determining success or failure, and the biggest factor that separates one real estate agents  from another. 

The Brodick Group cares about each relationship they build, and has been in the shoes of their customers. This is part of what makes them elite. 

“You can’t treat real estate as a job. When you start a successful career in real estate you become a business owner, not an employee. Your goal is to grow your business and your brand while providing excellent customer care, skill and knowledge.”

James Brodick is one of the nation’s leading real-estate professionals as a realtor at Realty Pros Assured. He and his wife, Ashley Brodick, are a husband and wife team who lead The Brodick Group.

James Brodick has been buying and selling real estate for over a decade. He recently retired from the Daytona Beach Police Department as a Police Lieutenant after serving his community for 23 years. Prior to becoming a Realtor, Ashley Brodick was a probate and real estate paralegal at a local law firm for 10 years after which she became a licensed title agent and worked as a lead title agent for a local title company. 

How has the Brodick Group maintained a high level of service during the difficult economic times of the last few years? Adaptability is key.

“Real Estate is an ever-evolving industry. Market trends vary however the fact remains people will always need a place to live and there will always be investors.”

“There are always challenges in Real Estate as in any profession. You must be prepared to adapt to any and all market trends and changes. Keeping a positive mindset and a can-do attitude goes a long way… you’re going to get out of it, what you put in to it. Your success is a direct reflection of your work ethic.”

What makes The Brodick Group an attractive place for buyers and lenders, as well as business partners like inspectors, appraisers, title companies, handymen, and so on?

It starts with who James and Ashley are.

James has lived in New Smyrna Beach for over 35 years and has always had a passion for real estate as his father owned several rentals and got James started early in life. James and his wife Ashley now own several rentals and have been buying and selling real estate for over a decade.

James has a Bachelor’s Degree in Supervision and Management from Daytona State college and a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida, and joined the Daytona Beach Police Department in 1998, providing over 23 years of dedicated police service to his community and serving as a police lieutenant.

Having served this community with passion and integrity for over two decades, James has a commitment for helping people and building relationships. He’s active in the community and enjoys volunteering and mentoring children whenever he can. He loves coaching sports in the community and doing as many outdoor activities as he can. 

Prior to becoming a realtor, Ashley Brodick obtained her paralegal degree from Daytona State College and began her career as a paralegal at a local law firm. Ashley worked in various areas of law including probate, family law, civil litigation, landlord/tenant, business law and real estate law including transactional real estate.

Ashley later obtained her title agent license and began working for a local title company as their lead title agent. She’s an expert in navigating relationships and understanding what people need in each home-buying situation, and has used her compassion and intuition to help people find the perfect housing situations for them.

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