The Business of Branding: How to Gain the Top of Mind with Customers

The world we live in is not the same world many of us were familiar with one year ago. To say that 2020 has been an unprecedented year is an understatement, but the sentiment of “the new normal” has been echoed far and wide. Despite the ever-changing situation and the global recession, both life and the world of business must go on.

In business, branding remains a crucial strategy. While the pandemic and restrictions evolve, so must branding strategies. Only those intelligent and strong enough to weather the storm and identify new branding opportunities can see their business survive despite the challenges of COVID-19.

According to Jeremy Diamond, senior partner of Diamond & Diamond Lawyers, a full-service law firm, he knows all too well how proper branding execution can make all the difference. He discusses his expertise with us and provides a few tips on helping your business thrive in difficult times.

“Our law firm originated as a family-run business, but in the last few years, we decided to aggressively rebrand our company as an injury firm leaning towards a ‘personal’-driven identity.”

“By changing with the times and pinpointing growth opportunities, we were able to transform ourselves into a full-service firm now, but still retain the branding identity that made us successful, which is to put our clients first.”

Let’s dive into what makes a business good and show you how to keep yours afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.

Changing Consumer Behaviour Will Affect Branding Strategies

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, consumers today are more likely to be careful, wary, and even a little bit worried. However, consumers still want to see advertising and marketing activity from brands familiar to them, if only to experience some semblance of their daily pre-pandemic lives.

Therefore, for a consumer to be attracted to a brand they aren’t familiar with, your branding strategy must be prioritized. This doesn’t only mean having a unique product and way of presenting it. It also means branding it in the right way, such as having a valuable social media presence that the consumer will soon familiarize themselves with.

To make our businesses the best they can be, we need to understand the same challenges we’re facing and the consumers’ reactions.

Diamond & Diamond on COVID-19’s Impact on Businesses

Per Jeremy Diamond, senior partner of Diamond & Diamond: “Obviously, the impact of COVID-19 is a major concern in business and the business of branding. Our clients’ inquiries and responses suggest that it is no longer just about running a business, taking care of expenses, and outshining the competition. However, it is also about making sure employees and patrons are kept safe while still doing business. Therefore, for businesses right now to survive and grow, they cannot afford to ignore the COVID-19 pandemic, even in their branding and messaging.”

Consumers’ Mindsets Amid COVID-19

According to Diamond & Diamond, on gaining top of mind with customers, consumers want to feel reassured that businesses are still operating, with safety a top priority. Consumers want to know that companies are joining in the fight against coronavirus.

Along with strategic branding, customers need to be valued as central to the success of your business. Here are some things you can do to be trusted by new faces who could soon become loyal customers.

Tips for Gaining Top of Mind with Customers

  • Tip #1: Empathize with what people are going through. Let customers know that your business is supporting all of those affected by COVID-19. Your business is more than just a company, and we are all in this together.
  • Tip #2: Be informative and helpful. It is pertinent to provide valuable information related to your product and service and provide safety tips to your customers. Use your experience and expertise in your area of business to give advice and comfort to your customers.
  • Tip #3: Be active in helping the community. Express your support for front-line and essential workers while also coordinating with the community to assist local efforts, such as fundraisers or food banks.
  • Tip #4: Be present and visible. Update your social media accounts and let people know that you’re still in business. A lack of social media presence can be the death of retailers. Do your best to answer all of your customers’ inquiries and reassure them if they are worried.

A branding strategy done right, even during a pandemic or recession, may not only help keep your business afloat or even grow your company, but it can also help your customers get through the lockdown blues. Besides, if your patrons stick with you in the worst of times, they will likely remain loyal to your brand when things start to recover because you’ve never left them in the first place.

With this advice from Diamond & Diamond on the business of branding and the reminder that soon you and your business will be able to thrive in this new normal, I hope you can apply some of these tips and watch your brand grow exponentially.

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