The Businessman Turned Social Media Star That’s Breaking All the Records

Last May, while sitting on the back porch of his lake home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Ed Mylett received a text from his good friend, Tony Robbins. The text was harsh. Tony told Ed it was time for him to leave his comfort zone, step out of his shell, and make a bigger impact on the world.
At first, Ed resisted. He’d been wealthy for quite some time and didn’t want to be in the spotlight and have his private life interrupted. After all, Ed Mylett is worth over $400M and has what would be considered the dream life. Ed didn’t want the public spotlight to interrupt the good thing he had going. Tony, as persuasive as he’s known to be, convinced Ed his days of living a private life were over.
“Immediately after the text exchange, I called my son over and asked him how to start an Instagram account,” Ed told me when we spoke on the phone recently. He went on to tell me he had no idea how any of the stuff in the social media world worked. He’d been enjoying life away from being online and was 100% happy about it.
In May of 2017, Ed, with the help of his son, registered his profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. He even started a podcast. One of Ed’s philosophies is “maxed out” which means going all in and maxing out every opportunity you can. This was his opportunity to change lives and, in typical Ed Mylett fashion, he was going to make sure it was “maxed out.”
Flash forward 11 months and Ed has over 550,000 followers on Instagram. He has 160,000 likes on his Facebook page and over 40,000 subscribers on YouTube. His podcast gets over a million downloads the first day it drops on iTunes. It’s all happened without running a single ad or paying for any marketing.
I’m sure Ed Mylett is the fastest-growing business personality in the history of social media. Sure, there are folks on social media with a bigger following, but Ed has grown to epic proportions faster than your favorite entrepreneur rock star.
His amazing growth in the noisy world of social media is due in part to the quality of guests on his shows and in his videos. Guys like Grant Cardone, Andy Frisella, and Tim Grover have all been interviewed by Ed. After all, when you’re worth $400M, you have some pretty powerful friends who can lift you up.
His interviews aren’t your standard interviews, either. There’s just something different about Ed. He’s genuine, and caring and makes you feel like you’re in the room with him. In a time where most hosts want to outdo their guests and interrupt them because they need the credibility, Ed wants his guests to tell their story so his listeners benefit.
When you Google Ed, you’ll find he owns three amazing homes, two jets, exotic cars, and plenty of other cool stuff that attracts people to business magnates. One of the things that’s different about Ed than most social media stars with a jet and Ferrari is that Ed owns all his toys debt-free. He doesn’t have loans on his home, cars, or planes. This is how the world knows Ed is the real deal and not just some dude with a rented jet trying to fake an online presence.
Ed is the agency chairman of a large financial company with over 40,000 employees, and that’s merely one of his business ventures. While others may have had businesses handed to them, gotten lucky, or been up to their ears in debt, Ed Mylett is what most of us aspire to be: rich without debt and 100% self-made. It’s no wonder the social media world has been drawn to him like a powerful magnet.
If you’re not already following Ed Mylett on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or iTunes, he’s an absolute must and a breath of fresh air in a world of hot air. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is listen to his interviews or podcast because they are full of wisdom. When I grow up, I want to be like Ed. Check him out and I know you’ll feel the same way.

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