The Compassionate Purpose For High Performers Is Truly The Key To Success, Says Nilesh Satguru

How much does it take to believe in growth? For Nilesh Satguru the answer is simple: kindness and compassion. Nilesh challenges compassionate change-makers to turn their life around by shifting their habits and beliefs. How? Combining a powerful triplet: lifestyle medicine, self-compassion, and science, this is what it takes to create time without sacrificing your freedom. 

When Nilesh Satguru started his coaching business, he saw a little hill but reached the summit of a mountain. He analyzed how to unlock people’s potential, and found out the growth belief streams through inspiration: he calls it the ripple effect.

On a journey to bountiful success, some people encounter happiness, and some others don’t.

Nilesh remarks five crucial points that make a difference in this are: self-compassionate consistency, positive relationships, peak health, peace in the now, and a purposeful vision for the future.

Nilesh unveils the secret lies in the R number of kindness, which is between 4 and 5, based on research from Harvard and Yale; this means for every one person you are kind to, they will be likely to be kind to 4 or 5 others. 

It’s this ripple effect that gets Nilesh out of the bed in the morning: “I believe if we help compassionate entrepreneurs and executives serve from their highest potential, we will see a beautiful ripple effect as described by James Fowler and Nicholas Christakis’s famous 3 degrees of influence research. The world needs people driven by a compassionate purpose playing at a high level.”

For instance, one of Dr. Satguru’s clients started providing PR to a domestic violence charity, another one set up a training academy to prevent burnout for this staff.

The principle is that when business owners practice kindness and compassion, it inspires their employees to do the same, sending waves of a positive ripple effect through their company.

An unexpected silver lining for Nilesh was the effect of its coaching on his clients’ health. Although he had no intention of helping people get rid of their medications, he “noticed how healing deep, open and purposeful is communication, backing it up with science too”.

As a result, many of his clients stopped needing treatments as ADHD medications, antidepressants, chronic pain, and sleep medications, as well as healing from conditions like migraine, IBS, and anxiety.

To create a game-changing approach to the coaching business, Nilesh Satguru filled the gap that it’s been in the industry forever: a lack of science-backed information for inspirational content. 

With a background in both industries, he endeavors to close the discrepancy between his knowledge of Lifestyle Medicine and his fascination with compassion, to bring a professional and certified high-performance coaching approach.

The personal growth industry mainly considers anecdotal evidence, which is why many coaching programs do not scale—science scales.

For instance, Nilesh uses over 1.6 million data points to back his process, from research conducted by the High-Performance Institute and the University of Pennsylvania, the crib of positive psychology. 

He strongly believes the world of wellness needs more inspiration to unlock people’s potential: “I’ve been to countless medical training days where the content was phenomenal, but the presentation could have been more engaging. Without inspiration, you do not get transformation.”

@drsatguru encountered several challenges to overcome during his personal development and praises the people he works with for being down that mindset today.

Resistance, he explains, is the secret.

“I made it a habit to notice resistance, celebrate it, and dip my toe into the freezing water without tensing. Meditation has been vital for me too,” he said.                                                                           

His vision of challenging compassionate change-makers happened after Nilesh Satguru witnessed his father’s illnesses and resigned from a medical partnership.

Striving to self-mastery to serve others, he was coached through the NHS leadership academy and in 2020 launched his coaching business, after several patients waived how their perspective changed after just one conversation.

At the time, Nilesh worked in Occupational Medicine, where he assessed patients’ capacity for work.

“What transpired was that I noticed how healing a purposeful conversation could be. I realized I could have these conversations with the business owners instead of the staff, preventing illness and promoting peak performance.”

Once Nilesh obtained his certification through the High-Performance Institute, he knew he found consistent success without sacrificing freedom.

In early 2021, he officially launched his company and still works part-time as a Lifestyle Medicine doctor.

Nilesh Satguru built his business on the belief of building a better community, which one day could build a better world, and proved that personal growth and the rationality of science go hand in hand: the two traits can change your business, life,perspectives, and health.

Nilesh is qualified as the only certified High-Performance Coach and Lifestyle medicine doctor and four-time-award-winning medical teacher, honored for its dedication in the CREA Global Awards and certified by the world’s leading High-Performance Coach Brendon Burchard.

 Nilesh was also featured on the cover of Brainz Magazine and recognized by Disrupt Magazine as “10 leading performance coaches to follow”.

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