The Complete Guide on Acquiring Tents for any Occasion

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Once you have access to tents, having your next event outdoors is straightforward. However, before going to a tent rental company, you need to know how to pick the proper tent for your occasion. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting tents for a stress-free event planning process.

  • Why Should You Think About Getting A Tent?

The first is that there is no better location to have a good time than outdoors. Outdoor events are usually the greatest since you will be outside under the moon or sun, make lasting memories, and most significantly, it’s easier to accommodate all of your attendees.

Murphy’s Law is the second. Murphy’s Law argues that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” That is crucial to note since if you’re holding an outdoor event and don’t have another inside venue large enough to accommodate all of your attendees, your commercial tents will act as a backup plan in case of adverse weather.

  • What Are The Kinds Of Bespoke Tents Available?

There are various tent types to choose from, and each one has its own set-up time, look, and utility, so don’t miss this step and presume any tent will suffice. The most widely known custom tent styles are listed below.

Pole tents

Pole tents are among the most common tents because they can be created in almost any size and feature the traditional canopy style that many clients seek in a bespoke tent. As the name implies, the main form of structure for this tent style is a center pole, which many people choose to decorate with flowers, lighting, and other decorations throughout their event.

From a luxurious wedding to a workplace picnic, pole tents may be utilized for various occasions. The main pointer to remember when buying pole wedding tents is that it has to be anchored into the earth. As a result, these tents aren’t suitable for use inside or on concrete or asphalt. These tents perform beautifully and look fantastic on the lawn for any outdoor events, making your visitors comfortable.

Frame Tents

Frame tent, like a pole tent, may be tailored to suit any number of people and is ideal for large gatherings. The fundamental difference between a pole tent and a frame tent is that frame tents do not need to be anchored into the earth and do not have a central pole.

Frame tents are ideal for most occasions, especially if you want a large tent for internal usage. Frame tents have provided cover for guests at weddings, indoor marketplaces, music festivals, and other events. While you probably won’t set up a large frame tent on your own, they are relatively easy to put together and can be transported or altered with ease because they don’t need staking.

  • What Size Tent Should You Buy?

Never is it always true that bigger is better. So, before going out and acquiring enormous commercial tents, ask yourself these questions:

  • How many visitors are you expecting?
  • Would you like to have a seating arrangement?
  • Will the buffet, dance floor, or DJ require a large amount of space?

The solutions to these quizzes and any other relevant information will aid in the size selection process.

You wouldn’t want the area to be too big, but you also wouldn’t want to acquire a 20×30 pole tent and later find it small. Seating configurations that take up too much room can appear odd. The same may be said about purchasing a tent that is too tiny. You wouldn’t want your visitors to feel claustrophobic in the room.

Even though you’ve only just started planning, it’s a good idea to discover a reasonable estimate as to how many individuals you’ll invite and an idea of how you’ll set up so that you can receive quotes from different vendors ahead of time.

Most tent rental providers have sizes ranging from 10 × 10 and increase in 10 increments. Never let the various sizes available, such as 20 x 20, 20 x 40, 10 x 20, 20×30, 40 x 40, and so on amaze you. The advantage of holding your event in a tent rather than a building is that you may create a place that suits your needs.

  • What Other Items Might You Require?

Aside from the size and style of tent, you would like to rent or buy, think about how you’ll need to decor and furnish it. Based on the wedding tents you pick, you might have to decide out the kind of illumination to use, whether it’s opulent flowery chandeliers or softly shimmering Edison lamps.

You should also consider the weather. Although the tent’s overall shape might keep you and your attendees dry in the rain, if the weather is especially cold or hot, you’ll have to contemplate portable heaters or fans to keep your visitors comfortable. Other things particular to your event’s demands, such as dance floors, dinner tables and chairs, and a stage for speeches, will have to be paid for.

Despite its apparent beautiful nature, the outdoors may be unpredictable, so plan ahead of time by calling a local rental tent vendor. The sooner you plan and establish the number of people, the simpler it will be to choose the tent of your dreams for your next wedding or celebration, ensuring that everybody has a good time.

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