The Complete Guide to Home Workouts With Fitness2Flash

Routines were fixed and the abrupt closure of fitness centers for over 6-8 months threw many off their routine, though many others accepted the challenge and continued staying healthy/ starting their journey new from home.

Working out at home has benefits that are otherwise never highlighted, like You can workout at your convenient time You don’t need to worry about who is watching you go crazy, sweating it out! You can wear anything comfortable, without worrying about appearance!

You save time on travel (to the jogging track/gym)

Also, this is a great way to encourage your family to join in and get the kids involved too. Rest assured, you are doing something great for the whole family’s health.

Include These 5 Routine to Your Home Workout-

1. Warm Up
2. Cardio
3. Strength Training
4. Stretching
5. Cool Down

Exercises to be done at Home –

1. Squats
2. Lunges
3. Crunches
4. PushUps

Home workouts have been the way of getting fit for members on Fitness2Flash for years now. 20-30mins at home is all one needs to get in a killer workout.

During the pandemic, Fitness2Flash, a 115k+ strong FB women community, who have impacted thousands of women world over and helped transform their health and lives through their services , encouraged and ran various online group fitness challenges to ensure women don’t neglect their health due to the unavailability of fitness classes they were used to. The personal training programs as well as the fitness & health website they run ( are a hit too for home workouts and have helped women get fit from the comfort of their home long before the pandemic.

Their vision of reaching out to women the world over is fast becoming a reality and they are still raring to go get more. They believe that health and fitness is for every woman and work to educate women on how home workouts and simple food is more than enough to get fit and healthy for life.

Getting fit and strong isn’t the reality of only a select few, every woman should have the chance to improve their health, and that’s the advantage of home workouts, as F2F too recommends. (Check out their FB group for more on their monthly run online group events)

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