The Country’s Biggest Investors Flock to this Realtor to Find Their Ideal Market

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Meet Greg Moser, President of The Moser Group

The real estate industry is a hard nut to crack, but if you look at Greg Moser’s trajectory, you’d never think that! After a quick climb to the top, he’s continuing his journey to grow and expand his business, bringing years of experience to the table.

With real estate in his blood, Moser already knew the ins and outs of the industry while growing up, as his parents and grandfather were all in real estate as well. Thus, in his teens, he realized he was on the right path to creating a winning real estate career. 

Starting as a traditional realtor, he soon learned how to make himself stand out from the crowd. Offering a unique experience for investors, he’s quickly become what the industry calls the ‘Investor’s Realtor’.

Big Steps Forward

Starting his career at just 18 years old, Moser was eager to both learn and grow. With family in the industry, you’d think it would be a smooth ride to the top, but, his journey has certainly come equipped with its challenges.

Moser earned his real estate license early and started selling as he quickly climbed the ranks within the industry. After several years as a successful realtor, Moser began to experiment and expand his options in toying with the notion of stepping outside of being a conventional realtor and offering something new to his clients. With the wheels in motion, life presented an unexpected and unprecedented tragedy, as it did for most Americans, in the attack of 9/11.

Shortly thereafter, his business began to slow down, like most other businesses and he was on shaky ground for the first time in his career. As business came to a near full-stop, Moser had to use all his skills to ensure things would keep moving. Instead of giving up, he buckled down and tried a new method. He quickly moved to work with investors, something he had already begun to do earlier in the year. 

He was selling at increasingly impressive rates, from condo conversions and apartment upgrades to investment properties and regular real estate. In fact, he garnered so many properties that there was a time he sold 95 condo conversions in as little as three months! Soon, there wasn’t anything he couldn’t sell. 

Working it All Out

Possessing a seemingly clear path into the industry at a young age was certainly an advantage. Still, Moser took the opportunity and ran with it. He created a career that he worked for and earned—something unique to his specific skill set and experience. Slowly building up his client base, he was beginning to attract significant investment companies and important clients who looked to him for advice and recommendations.

This is where the moniker ‘Investor’s Realtor’ comes back around. Moser was ascending in the success department and could never have dreamed of when he started out that he could have reached such heights.

His decades of experience came along with a unique ability to position investors in their ideal markets. He also utilizes data analytics to better serve the industry, along with anticipating market behavior stats. So, it’s no wonder the top investors are flocking to him.

Bigger, more experienced groups had trouble selling what he could in a jiffy. From simple investments to hedge funds and wholesale properties to grow real estate portfolios, Moser absolutely does it all. “If you’re doing something with investments in real estate, we’re the guys that really truly know what we’re doing,” Moser said. 

This means that he knows how to round out their portfolios with high-value properties. He also knows how to get companies reasonable prices and ensure they get the best bang for their buck that will help them grow their wealth.

Moving Forward and Upward

Everything Moser has done so far has been in service of his career—and it’s rewarded him with leaps and bounds. He’s got the skills, he’s got the ideas, he’s got the clients. But something that truly sets him apart is that he also has the ability to be discreet! Far from a blabbermouth, you won’t find Moser talking about the specifics of his deals or the clients he works with.

This ability to keep things private and confidential helps the best companies prioritize their services—after all, when someone can keep your company secrets, you can trust them with your business as well.

Elite, private organizations are who most top companies prefer to do business with, and there’s nothing more elite or private than The Moser Group. Moser has come a long way from his humble beginnings as a traditional realtor, and he’s continuing to move his business along an upward trajectory.

As he expands, he plans to harness the real estate boom, bring in more agents, and climb to even greater heights. There’s a lot of exciting stuff in store for him and The Moser Group going forward!

About Greg Moser

President Greg Moser has well over two decades of real estate investment and management experience and founded Moser Group to help top investors find properties and scale their businesses. To learn more, visit

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