The Demonetized Nelk Boys Are Building A Business Empire Bigger Than You Can Imagine

If you haven’t heard of Nelk, I can assure you it won’t be long before they become a household name (if they aren’t already). The Nelk Boys are an entertainment company that was founded in Canada in 2010. Best known for their pranks, stunts, and their brand “Full Send” – these young geniuses are building a business empire bigger than you can imagine.

Nelk was founded by Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani and has now expanded to a team of more than 20 employees and advisors including internet legends and the brothers behind Shots Studios Inc., John and Sammy Shahidi.

Nelk is recently making headlines for launching a new hard seltzer brand dubbed “Happy Dad.” The company is predicting it will be “the hard seltzer of the summer.” With a combined fanbase of well over 50 million followers across all platforms – their reach is like no other.

Along with “Happy Dad,” Nelk has turned what used to be YouTube merchandise into one of the most sought after streetwear brands across the world. Their in-house brand “Full Send” has limited drops and sells out in minutes with unique items every time. 

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