The Design Studio Helping Businesses Take Over Social Media With Bold Branding – Meet Pink Pony Creative

Social Media and the growth of digital business has left the world feeling a lot smaller. All of a sudden there are multiple businesses occupying similar niches, and you’re no longer a big fish in a small pond. Your audience now has more freedom to choose an option that speaks to them, and you have more competition for their attention.

It’s now more important than ever to put your best foot forward, and create a strong online presence that people can connect with through powerful and concise branding. But it’s not only about having a squeaky clean digital footprint. People use social media every day to connect with brands and businesses that they resonate with, and you can leverage this unique avenue of communication to make an impact and find your dream clients.

Kristy Campbell has built a career off leveraging social media to build communities of engaged audiences, while helping other businesses to do the same. Founder of Pink Pony Creative, Kristy uses her 9+ years of experience in branding, graphic design and marketing to help brands stand out and build an online presence that fosters highly engaged audiences and promotes lead generation by establishing them as authorities in their fields.

“I merged my personality with my business to create a brand that both reflects and draws in like-minded people and businesses that want to do things with a bit more spice!” noted Kristy. “At Pink Pony, we believe in a highly collaborative approach that lets your own creative vision shine. We specialize in outstanding graphics and strategy that expresses your brand’s true voice and attracts your ideal clients.”

With over 90,000 followers on her personal Instagram, and 235,000 on her Tik Tok account, Kristy is an expert in building powerful brands on social media. She is constantly creating, sharing, researching and testing the most optimal pathways to success on social media platforms, sharing her tips and insights along the way.

She also spends her time collaborating with other creators, appearing on podcasts and creating videos to educate and inspire like-minded designers, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to push to the next level.

These efforts have led to Kristy becoming booked out for sometimes months in advance for eager clients looking to work with Pink Pony Creative.

“Our studio is small, but operates with a dedicated team of specialists.” Kristy explains.

“We engage in highly collaborative intensives with our clients to find distinctive, effective solutions and help their vision come to life.”

Connect with Kristy Campbell and her team at Pink Pony Creative through their website or behance pages, and check out their Instagram and Tik Tok social media pages to explore a vast wealth of free branding resources.

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