The Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship is Tackling the Student Debt Crisis

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The Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship committee is elated to announce the opening of its 2021 scholarship season. Applications are now being accepted from eligible high school and college students pursuing a medical degree that require financial assistance.

Dr. Suhyun An was born and raised in Korea, immigrating with her family to the United States when she was only 14 years old. At the time, young Suhyun An did not know the English language.

However, despite this, through her remarkable discipline and perseverance, she excelled in her studies, ultimately graduating at the top of her high school graduating class with over a 4.0 GPA.

Dr. An has obtained four degrees from some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions. She received her Bachelor’s in Biochemistry from the University of Houston, a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine degree from The Parker College of Chiropractic, a Nursing Degree from Wayland Baptist University, and a Master’s Degree in Nursing Science from Sanford University.

As a result of her impressive resume and track record, Dr. Suhyun An, DC, MSN, NP-C has become a highly respected medical professional, speaker, author, and one of the leading experts for regenerative therapy and chronic pain treatment in Houston.

With the continued evolution of medications, treatments, technology, and the studies that move our society forward, there is an ever-increasing need for us to support our next generation of medical professionals. The Dr. Suhyun Scholarship was created as a result of Dr.

An’s desire to provide financial aid to dedicated students who have demonstrated a commitment to education in medicine. Founded by Dr. Suhyun An, a prominent chiropractor with an enormous passion for not only medicine, but overall health, the goal of the scholarship is to ease the financial burden plaguing so many students today.

A study conducted in 2021, found that the average medical school graduate received their white coat with nearly a quarter-million dollars in student loan debt. This staggering figure does not take into account the thousands of students who are forced to withdraw from school before graduation due to being unable to pay their tuition or cover the other costs associated with their degree.

Through the Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship, students are provided with an opportunity to continue their education with financial aid.

“Few people can fully grasp just how difficult it is for students to get established in life following graduation even with a high salaried position if they have hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest-accruing student debt to repay,” says Dr. Suhyun An. Always known for her compassion and professionalism, Dr.

An is committed to changing the narratives around medicine and education.  “The Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship is my way of investing in not only future generations of physicians, nurses, and others in medical careers, but the country as a whole.

These young men and women are the ones who will be responsible for the next breakthroughs in medicine and healthcare, and it is an honor to be able to support them as they pursue their dreams.”

The Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship is awarded to 2 high-achieving students annually who have demonstrated a commitment to their academic excellence in pursuit of a career in the medical field.  Students must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, two professional, academic, or personal references, and submit a 500-to-800-word essay discussing why they are pursuing a career in medicine.

To apply for the Dr. Suhyun An Scholarship, students should visit before November 30th, 2021.

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