The Easy way for Musicians to get Their Music Discovered

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Outside of the actual writing of music, the toughest part of being a new musician is actually getting noticed. You could have produced the greatest song in the world. However, if you don’t know how to get your music out there, nobody is going to know this. This is why services like Emotion Zone are a great way to start getting your music out there.

The importance of sharing music

New musicians have a bit of a dilemma. To get people listening to your music, you need to get people talking about you. However, people aren’t going to talk about you unless they already know your music.

This means that the musicians that get the most coverage have already had a little bit of success. There are very few routes into the music industry unless you have the backing of a record label or a ton of music at your disposal.

Thankfully, the internet has started to open routes for new musicians to get their music discovered, and this is fantastic.

When new music is talked about, people hear it. If they love what they hear, then they may go and check out other songs produced by that musician. If they love this, they may share the songs with their friends and family leading to even more listens.

Back in the MySpace days, a lot of great new bands appeared just because of the ease of sharing. Bands that would never have been discovered otherwise would stick music up on their MySpace profiles and end up scoring major record contracts. Obviously, we don’t have MySpace to do that nowadays, but other sites have a similar function.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of being shared and gaining a little bit of following is that you will get noticed by record labels. Most record labels are not going to sign people that haven’t already built up a little bit of a following. You can’t just submit your music to them nowadays. You have to gain traction online. It is less of a risk for the record labels.

The importance of music critique

Sharing isn’t the only thing that you need to focus on when getting your music out there. You also need to be able to listen to critiques of your music.

Trust us. There are a lot of top artists out there that hate critique. It is their art, and they are not huge fans of people looking at it in-depth. Even some of the best albums in the world have been torn to shreds by certain reviewers. This is by no means a bad thing, though.

We can promise you that even if people hate to critique, they know that it is a good thing. It helps them to see what people like and do not like. This can help them to improve as artists.

Again, this is difficult for new musicians to get.  Starter musicians only really going to have their friends and family to show their music too. These people are going to be unreasonably nice about what they have heard. You can’t improve as a musician like that. If you want to have an honest option about your music, then it needs to be heard by somebody that has absolutely no relation to you.

Sometimes it is just a mental block for musicians. They are afraid of their music being judged by other people. Again, being able to put music out there will enable them to overcome this mental block. If you want to be a successful musician, you are going to have to be putting up with a lifetime of critique, so why not just jump in at the deep end?

Submitting to Emotion Zine is easy

While there are plenty of sites out there that will happily critique and share new music from upcoming musicians, there is no better site for that than Emotion Zine. 

This site has managed to cultivate quite a fanbase. This means that there are a lot of people that are willing to listen to the music that is covered there. Right away, this provides new musicians with a great way for their music to be shared with the world.

This site is also tremendous when it comes to offering actionable reviews of music. Musicians are going to get an honest review of their performances. This will enable them to improve drastically, perhaps producing an even better piece later on.

This site takes submissions from new and experienced musicians. All you need to do is submit your music (free to do) and if they love what they hear, they are going to cover it for their audience.


Getting your music shared and critiqued is an important milestone in the journey of any musician. Check out Emotion Zone. They will make it easy.

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