The Emerging Workstation Culture in Sikkim

The pandemic left an indelible mark globally while transforming the whole lifestyle of families and individuals, be it professional or personal.

It impacted the way we educate our kids, how we travel, our social life, and most of all, the work culture. Corona restricted our mobility and forced us to live under the confines of our homes while learning to adapt to this new way of life.

Home is the new office

The corporate world underwent a paradigm shift due to this new work trend. Zoom meetings, video conferencing, emails, voice conversations, and other forms of virtual communication dominated our day-to-day work lives.

For their safety and to maintain the seamless functioning of the organization’s functions, the workforce was not needed to enter the office space and was allowed to work from the comfort of their homes.

These quick changes resulted in many challenges, including employees struggling to maintain a work-life balance, which began to negatively impact their emotional and physical well-being.

Sikkim- A new workstation

However, for the majority of the workforce, this shift was a blessing in disguise, allowing them to work from anywhere while traveling and combining leisure and work, a novice concept known as workation.

Employees flocked to picturesque locales in the midst of nature, with Sikkim emerging as one of the most popular workation destinations. On weekends you can easily book a Sikkim tour package and explore this beautiful destination.

Nestling two famous cities, namely Gangtok, also happens to be the capital and the second most popular Pelling that invites working professionals to come, stay, and work while enjoying the cool breeze, fresh air, breathtaking views of the landscapes, and serenity of the hills in this fascinating land of magnificent mountains, stoic glaciers, curvy lakes, beautiful monasteries, and dense forests filled with rich culture and heritage.

Why Sikkim

Sikkim is a state that is located in the northeast of India. It’s famous for its natural beauty and attracts travelers from every corner of the world.

It has scooped popularity for its mesmerizing natural trails, bestowed with much scenic beauty. ‘Friendly’ Sikkim is nestled between Nepal and Bhutan in the Himalayas.

If seeing heaven on earth seems difficult or not possible to you, then you should still try the skies of Sikkim, which are blessed with the breathtaking magic of Paragliding. 

Furthermore, many excellent and welcoming homestays, hostels, guest houses, and bed and breakfasts provide home-cooked healthy meals, strong wifi connectivity, and hygienic working conditions, making it easy for work from home professionals to choose Sikkim as their place of work.

Apart from the corporate employees, a new breed of freelancers, start-up founders, artists, and professionals from other walks of life have also made this land of glaciers their work base.

This trend has resulted in the building of a favorable networking ground to connect with working individuals from diverse backgrounds and to explore new opportunities while learning and getting inspired by each other.

In addition to work, Sikkim, with its ancient and mystical history, showcases a whole new world where one can experience the local tribal culture, get to know the close-knit native community, and learn from their simple way of living.

Work and Explore

Sikkim has so much to offer that there is no shortage of interesting and exhilarating things to engage in on weekends after a long day at work, helping you revive and revitalize your senses by taking a break from the stressful and fast-paced city life.

Widely regarded as a hip little town, Gangtok is not short of cafes to sit back and relax. These idyllic cafes have been in operation for decades and offer you a glimpse into the life of the locals and background about the city when you sneak a peek behind the comfortable seating.

These quiet cafes are run mainly by friendly and welcoming locals who aren’t hesitant to provide interesting anecdotes and information on hidden sights that a short-term traveler could miss.

Music is one unifying force in the world. No matter where you’re from or what you do, music can reach people on a very personal level.

Due to its far-reaching effect, several venues in Sikkim offer music enthusiasts an enticing opportunity to connect with their passion for music.

You also get to experience the local rock music culture while listening to the upcoming and seasoned musicians performing in these cafes in the evenings, apart from the concerts and vibrant festivals which travelers from all over the globe attend.

Work and Spirituality

The climate here is moderate and favorable for the people to live comfortably. Moreover, this place has many hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

However, it’s also known to have a serene charm cuddling the natural beauty of the area and the people who live here. Sikkim and its capital Gangtok is famous for the Buddhist monasteries, hot water springs, holy caves, meditation centers, and the gorgeous Himalayan valleys.

Those who want to improve the quality of their lives while exploring their spiritual side can enroll in yoga and meditation classes or simply pay a visit to one of these enchanting monasteries, which will take you to a wonderful realm and give you a new perspective.

Work and Travel

Imagine a scenario where you are spoilt by choice during a weekend to either do Paragliding and enjoy the panoramic view of the scintillating valleys, go on a small trek while relishing all the beauty that nature has to offer, put your safety gear and cross the rapids and ravines of wild Teesta and Rangeet river while camping on the sandy shore and so on.

I am not selling you a dream here, but you can live this enchanting life while you decide to work from Sikkim.

For a working professional who is loaded with overdemanding work and striving to create a balance, there are many adventurous and leisure options that this magical city is holding in its kitty. All you need to do is take a step and start your journey while creating beautiful memories.

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