The Exciting Web3 Possibilities of GTA VI: AI and Crypto

As the highly anticipated release of GTA 6 gets spoken about again, speculation surrounding the game’s features have been running rampant.

An image has been circulating on Twitter stating “GTA 6 says the money you make in game will transfer to real life.” While this statement is false, for the time being at least, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Web3 features could be implemented at some stage.

Recent statements from Take-Two Interactive’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick, have shed light on the potential integration of cutting-edge elements such as AI, and perhaps even crypto.


Zelnick has hinted at the utilization of AI in GTA 6, signifying a significant leap forward in gaming tech should they pull this off successfully. While details remain scarce, the incorporation of AI has the potential to revolutionize NPC interactions, create dynamic and responsive environments, and enhance the overall immersion of the game.

A huge advantage of employing sophisticated AI algorithms would be that GTA 6 would deliver more realistic and unpredictable experiences for the player, instead of fixed, programmed ones.

Possible Crypto Integration

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Another intriguing aspect that could be incorporated into GTA VI is the inclusion of a crypto element. Web3 gaming has been slowly creeping into the mainstream consciousness, although this too has come under massive scrutiny with many traditional gamers pushing back against their inclusion.

Web3 gamers have always pushed back against the naysayers, using the narrative that NFT and crypto integration allows the user to have ownership and control of their in-game assets. Under the current system, the skins, features, etc. that are purchased are controlled and managed by the game developers or publishers.

Other advantages include:

  • increased security
  • global accessibility
  • seamless cross-game and platform interoperability
  • economic opportunities
  • trustworthy and transparent transactions
  • community engagement and rewards

The battle against the skepticism surrounding Web3 gaming has been ongoing, with arguments like regulatory uncertainty and environmental impact frequently raised as counterpoints. However, when it comes to the environmental aspect, Web3 solutions have sometimes proven to be more environmentally friendly compared to certain energy consuming Web2 systems.

Implications and Future Prospects

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The convergence of AI and cryptocurrencies in GTA VI represents a bold step forward for the gaming industry. These features have the potential to redefine the way players engage with virtual worlds, paving the way for more immersive experiences and dynamic gameplay. However, it is crucial for developers to strike a balance between monetization strategies and player satisfaction, ensuring that microtransactions and cryptocurrency integration do not compromise the integrity of the game or create unfair advantages.

Treeverse, a Web3 gaming project, has taken this approach during their development by prioritizing player experience over the Play-To-Earn aspect. In contrast to many games in the 2021 metaverse boom that misjudged this balance, Treeverse aims to avoid from those mistakes.

Earning in the game is viewed as a bonus rather than the primary objective. To learn more about Treeverse and its unique features, you can read our in-depth feature on the game.

Whether these features for GTA VI come to fruition or not, it’s exciting to learn that they’re being talked about. Web3 ideas are making more sense to game developers, and surely over time we will see them become the norm.

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