The Extraordinary Journey Of A Creative Photographer: Azzy Doon

Photography is not a talent, it is an acquired skill that takes years of practice and experience with different kinds of people, places and things. It is very difficult to define what Photography actually is since any particular explanation would do injustice to this art form. Only a true Photographer is capable of comprehending these skills.

We bring you the best from among he top artists- Azzy Doon. His journey started in with a Kodak Kroma Camera, and in the past few days he has certainly come a rather long way. In this journey, he has not just gained experience come up he has lived in the moments and captured the moments that can make you live life a little more. The pictures are windows to reality that bring you nostalgia and make you feel the pictures’ true essence.

In the eyes of a photographer, everything is worth the frame. There is no discrimination, only individuality in everything that they find around them.

Azzy Doon is the ‘lens’ name, he originally goes by Azfar, and hails from the beautiful city Dehradun, India. He has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2015 and has currently obtained a Masters degree in Commerce as well as business administration. Professionally, he has been working in the field of Human Resource Development, which marked the beginning of his career. Then, why Photography? You’ll know!

As mentioned earlier, the Kodak Kroma was a 35MM film camera. It is not the quality of the camera or power of the lens, the true factor that brings about the beauty in things is the photographer himself. Azzy or Azfar got his very own digital one way back I’m 2007, the brand new Cannon point and shoot camera.

Being a shy young man, he never showed the pictures to anyone, always keeping it to himself. How the times have changed for the better! When he reached Saudi Arabia in 2015, he got his first DSLR, this again was a Canon 600D. Soon enough, he started sharing his pictures on Instagram, the years had given him a lot of experience and confidence.

Professional projects were flooding in and he was unsure whether he would be able to stand up to the mark. Afraid of missing the opportunity, he pushed himself beyond limits and gave it his all. It was rather challenging to take pictures of shiny steel door handles, but no matter how much they reflected, he reflected on his talents more and proved himself.

Very soon, he was keen on learning more about the accessories that went along with his camera. YouTube played a huge role here, beginning from softboxes to tutorials on YouTube, he tried everything to make sure he gets positive results. With projects comes deadlines. Guess who managed to do well with just normal room light pictures, without the help of a softbox? Yes that’s right, Azzy Doon.

Soon enough, his pictures were being featured in popular pages. Currently Azzy Doon’s photography account has more than 50k original followers. Although he was not a writer, his inspiration has no bounds and his words too got enough appreciation from the followers.

The Fancy Accessories

In 2017, he did himself a favor and gifted himself the Nikon D7200, which is not just phenomenal, it is more than that. He makes sure to use the 10 to 20MM lens or 18 to 140MM ones. Although he has the 35 millimeter, 50MM prime lens and 72300 mm zoom lens come up he rarely uses them, only making use of the 35 millimeter for street light and darkness photography at night.

For specific macrophotography, he has his very own extension tube along with the reverse ring, but who has the time to use those? He does not usually use his old Kodak camera but makes sure to not sell it out, after all that was his very first camera.

He also owns a GoPro 7 since he has been learning videography for quite some time too

A List Of Achievements

Azzy Doon has certainly won at life. He is doing what he loves and is passionate about his life, most people fail to have these common basics. Apart from winning a number of photography competitions and challenges, he also sells his pictures online.

He is probably never going to forget the picture he sold for $1000 for a New Zealand based insurance company. Since then, international clients have been flooding in.

Moreover, he has been recognized by the Nikon Middle East Asia, who have approached him to be the Nikon MEA mentor. This was a huge opportunity to be let down. Nikon photography workshops in Saudi Arabia are not uncommon for him.

He started from the bottom and now he has come a very long way, doing professional projects on a wide range of topics. Be it fashion, personal portraits, products, architecture, models or even food, he can do it all in any way requested. Azzy Doon’s personal touches are something to die for!

India awaits his works, the works of Azzy Doon certainly makes this world a brighter place.

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